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Wild DNA


It’s just a thought based on few different games: wouldn’t it be helpful if some small part of DNA you get from incubators wasn’t assigned to any dinosaur, instead you could spend it on a reptile of your choice??


Defffo and get rid of the gen2 dna we deffo dont need :slight_smile:


I was also thinking about something like this!
Or, you get some wild DNA from incubators, or you can turn DNA you have from non-meta-relevant dinos (like triceratops gen 2, dimetrodon gen 2, iguanadon,…) into wild DNA. How about:

  • 100 common --> 1 wild
  • 50 rare --> 1 wild
  • 20 epic --> 1 wild

Or use common wild dna, rare wild dna, epic wild dna and legendary wild dna? And with 10 common, you can make 1 rare, 10 rare makes 1 epic etc?


Ludia wouldnt so this though as it goes against their model for making money


Well, you have probably a point somewhere there, yet don’t think that it is the main reason. I think it’s because the game itself is a bit too short/shallow for now, and the reason for it is the game popularity itself.
JWA was released only in May this year, and it already have more players than some other well established games, some of them already reached “the end” and I don’t think that Ludia was expecting that.

Hence the tournament, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it just to buy themselves a time to develop something new, because if they wanna survive they have to make this game bigger first: more dinosaurs (not only hybrids but at least double the amount of what you can see now), more arenas, trophies etc., before gamers reach the point where there is nothing more to do and see, and right now by giving any ways of extra progress would only speed up that process.

It’s just my educated guess though, I still think “wild DNA” would come very handy, and maybe one day it is gonna be implemented, yet for now we have to rely on random loot :rofl: