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Wild Miragaia

Found this at work today. Possibly a Dsungaia hybrid pursuit this time?

They are spammed all over the place for me, wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for the fact i’ll get 17.5k tomorrow from the season. Could have done with something a bit different.

I feel ya. but hey, if they’re going to give it to us, why not partake. never know how bad your luck will be in fusing.

Oh I will definitely partake, but I know how this will go for me… Miragaia spammed all over the place when I already have 86k plus another 17.5k to come…

Dsunga will be near extinct and won’t spawn except the odd occasion outside of my radius.


120k Mira DNA.
860 Dsungaripterus.



That’s where rare scents might help. At least it worked for me with Argentinosaurus & Bary G2.

Tomorrow? Mine dropped today

I’ve seen several tonight on the walk home. Already got far more of it’s DNA than I will ever need but nice that newer players can get it easier if only for a day or so.

Honestly this might help fresh downloaded the game yesterday new players but it hurts those stuck between 1500k-3000 trophies…

Those guys are already facing level 20+ who can put a serious hurting on the teams where they may only have one good answer… its like the sino issue…

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I’m guessing the legendary hybrid will turn to a unique in future updates. The dna is abundant but also exclusive so I’m shooting all I can. However as mentioned, the rare bird is far harder to come by.

Has this affected scent spawns, will I still get Echo in zone 1 or has the event changed it?

I’ve got this out of event spawns. The hybrid pursuit dinos spawn from them.