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WILD THINGS (10/10, Top30 champions, tier 9 rewards, 3-4 lvl20 sancs) looking for players over 5200 trophies

The Wild Things alliance has an opening right now!

What we offer:

  • 10/10 Weekly Rewards
  • Tier 8/9 Monthly Alliance Championship Rewards (close to T9 in a 4 week month)
  • 3 lvl 20 Sanctuaries (via ARK co-op)
  • Highly coordinated raiding community with numerous strategies for each raid boss
  • Donations are generous and get filled!

What we’re looking for:

  • 5200+ trophies & L20
  • 1000 medals per tourney weekend
  • Daily, eligible (no bans), player who does their daily goals and DBI+
  • Over 18 - we‘re a bunch of grumpy adults
  • Discord is a must! Raiding, discussion, etc happens via discord
  • must be willing to engage from time to time with your teammates!
  • Willing to follow rules regarding sanctuaries, discord tags, and put in the work to help your mates out!

DM me here or find us on Discord at araT#7153 or LucDiddlyAs#9316 to apply and join where the Wild Things roam!

We have one or two openings again this season, get in touch if you’d like to join us! :smiley:

Discord araT#7153 or LucDiddlyAs#9316

We still have 2 openings, feel free to reach out to us :slight_smile: