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WILD THINGS looking for YOU!

Wild Things is a brand new alliance - 20 of us broke off from our old, inactive alliance in an effort to regain our former 5/4 glory, the alliance isn’t half way full and we’re already performing very strongly!

What we offer:

  • Discord channel for better coordination & chat
  • Structured sanctuaries
  • Generous donations
  • 10 members over 4000 trophies
  • Members from all over the world
  • 5/4 rewards weekly as soon as we get more members
  • No real rules, just be friendly & help where you can
  • We’re a very friendly, talkative bunch

What you can bring:

  • Be active daily, doing your daily rewards & battle incubator
  • a cooperative & friendly nature

Feel free to send join requests in the game, we’re happy to have everyone join! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you where the wild things are!

We’re still looking for friendly, daily players of all levels to come & join us. We will reach 4/3 this week with just the 18 of us, with your help we could easily start reaching 5/4 :slight_smile:

If we can do this with just 25 people, imagine what we could do with a full alliance… join us!

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I can confirm that this alliance is awesome. Joined a few days ago from a largely inactive alliance. I think they are nearly full now, thanks to @araT, the coordination and chat is top notch!