Wildcats. New ally

Hi all) we are looking for active players! Any levels, any countries. Every day bosses, help and fun) join our ally and wellcome) Wildcats

Wellcome all levels

Hi all. Everyday bosses and help) all levels, wellcome

We looking for active members any levels

Wellcome all;)

Up and wellcome)

what is the the alliance called?

oh sorry it is called wildcats…

may i see the stats of your alliance to see if it is something i would like to join

Its New alliance) wellcome all active players. Any levels

Wellcome all) and good day:)

We continue to recruit to our Alliance) wellcome all)

Up and wellcome again)

Continue recruiting :slight_smile:

All levels, only active players. Alliance Wildcats. Every day bosses and help) wellcome))

Only active members) Wellcome

We have few places for active members) welcome

Wellcome. Active members only)

Wellcome all active members)

Alliance Wildcats. Tournament 10 Dino. Everyday bosses and help)