Will alanqa ever be used for a unique creature?

If not then why do we keep getting this useless DNA from incubators gained in the arena…


The fear of an Alankylorex hybrid starts to give me chills… I really hope this doesn’t become reality.
(Alankylosaurus + Dracorex G2)

(I might do this creature in the toolbox to prevent Ludia from creating it)

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you mean if it a suggestion by players then lydia will never did it :joy:?

Exactly my point. Think about it, no creature that was made by the community has made it into the game, and the ones in the game are either original or just boring enough for the players to never do, like Brontolasmus and the other double hybrids

(please correct me if I’m wrong)

I envision the creature like this

Hey, maybe we’ll get Alankyloceratops in the foreseeable future!

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Hopefully we do

Hope we don’t.

I assume we’ll get all the poll creatures eventually.


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