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Will aquatic creatures be added?

I know other people have asked this question and I’m kind of hearing that you might add aquatic creatures.

No, because Ludia cannot find a why to use cheatoceratops, I mean dracoceratops underwater. They cannot seem to find a way to make the game work without it.


Well, dracoceratops is a land animal. But ok

Gosh I hope not. I like having just dinosaurs and not mammals and aquatics

Ok, actually now that I think about it wouldn’t you have to be close to an ocean or on a boat just to find an aquatic creature so maybe aquatic creatures shouldn’t be a thing

They could simply make one in three stops a water based stop where we could catch aquatics.

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I doubt anyone would fancy a swim with their phones in order to dart them. Plus it would be very limited spawning

They will come eventually I’m sure. Personally I can’t wait.


they could, pokemon go has aquatic pokemons spawning and battling, jurassic world alive could do the same, but they most likely won’t because they like selective realism, and aquatic creatures spawning on land is one of them, ironacly drone wobbling around to make it harder to shoot is one of the realistic features they choose to keep

I personally don’t see how they could be hunted if they were added, so no they probably most likely won’t be added

I realized

I think they will still appear on the map but maybe just at water locations. As for battles my guess would be it would be a cosmetic background change. Aquatic vs aquatic and the scene changes to an underwater landscape. Aquatic vs land animal and we’ll get something like the edge of the mosasaur enclosure from Jurassic World, where the aquatic can plunge out.

If they launch aquatics but only at water based areas then that is totally unfair to those who live nowhere near water based locations.

Hence why a water featured stop would be a much better and fairer idea.


In a game of splicing dna for dead dinos
WHO CARES! Pokemon has aquatics… the JW movies have (1) aquatic. And plenty of amphibian croc type Dinos.

Have them prowling in sewers beneath every street…

Seems odd to use “logic” of “have to be in water to spawn”.

Is it fun? Is it part of the movies? Will they make the game more strategic, more Rock Paper Scissors? Sure! So add them!

Or just add more amphibians and more crocs.

If it’s that hard to code new backgrounds for battling, idk…stick with (long necked) pleiosaur amphibians…


It was hinted in 1.5 or 1.6 that there would be aquatics. I believe they had planned a separate arena for aquatic battles and you could use only certain amphibious creatures in both land and aquatic arena.

Prob got shelved when they heard of the concept of boosts.

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