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Will coin limits go back up?


I’m at level 17, and I paid for VIP status for about the last six months… I noticed that I continuously get my coin limit for the day when they had the Chinese lunar special or whatever it was… I was hoping things would go back to normal once that event was over but I see that it has not. I also see that a lot of people are posting and brags complaining about but there is a coin limit. I also think that it is ridiculous to limit the amount of coins That somebody can get in a day. Especially when you have creatures at a higher evolution level… And it takes a whole lot more coins to make them evolve even more. I currently have over 80 creatures to evolve, yet I’m only able to evolve one every couple days or so because of the coin limit. This is ridiculous, will this go back to being unlimited? Or should I just go ahead and cancel my VIP status?


This games main way of making money is the coin limits… one thing most everyone pays for is coins because of said limits…whales, casuals, spoofers. Everyone buys coins… so the answer is they are not gonna alter there main source of income.

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That’s understandable. But I see that having VIP vs. non-VIP, doesn’t make a difference with coins then?


I don’t think it was ever unlimited. If it was you would be overpowered by those who cheat who would run their programs all day to gather 500,000 or more coins each day.

You are not supposed to level creatures for no reason. Just like you wouldn’t level up you Pidgey or Rattata

At level 20 I am averaging close to 40,000 coins per day from all the sources, not including purchases.

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I guess I just really never noticed a lint until the Lunar special. :man_shrugging:t2:


Vip vs non vip isnt a difference in the cap. The differnce is vip get more resources per drop helping them cap faster. The caps are the same regarldess

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Im pretty sure its just easier to get dna and coins for vip faster, but not necessarily more… Double the speed, so u max out twice as quickly

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Yeah that’s what I’m realizing.


Does anyone know what time their “days” are? I’ve been maxed out on coins since last night


well… for my perspective, i just say: i have 71 dinos waiting to level up. of course i’m not interested to level up all, but i’m sure i would like to level half of them.

but lack of coins, i have to decide choose some dinos to level up and make power ones, like legendaries or go uniques… or spend coins leveling up many low level dinos to try them later in battles or some like that.

the point is i collect SO MANY MORE dna a day than coins. the obvious result is i have a lot of useless dna in collections, all thos dinos blinking green calling for level up, like a mess… i really don’t know what’s the point so… we can’t donate all dnas, nor sell or change for others, nor archive not wanted dinos to a not-shown useless collection…

anyway… lets open another incobator with more useless dna that i will never use, and add more dinos to “level me up please” team.


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For my point on earth the day goes from 6 pm to 6 pm. At 6 pm I can start collecting coins and scents again.

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Yeah I just checked. It’s 6:30 where I’m at and it’s reset now


Caps reset at 7 pm est for me


Resets occur at midnight UTC.


^ yep 10101