Will DC get a hybrid?

what are the chances? will DC get a hybrid?

A Unique hybrid with more attack, swap in shattering rampage, and immunity!

Swap in kill


Ludion (name made to mock the company for even thinking this up)

Ingredients: Dracoceratops + Ophiacodon

Rarity: Unique

Hp: 4500
Attack: 1650
Armor: 15%
Crit Chance: 40%
Speed: 111


Armor Piercing Rampage
(new move) Acute Strike: has priority, deals 1x damage and 100% stun chance

Swap in Shattering Rampage


That’s simply horrifying to think of.

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knowing Ludia, if DC gets a hybrid, all the draco spawns will become non existent, starving players of easy DNA. all the players with over levelled DC’s that used up all their DNA will find themselves in a precarious situation hehehe


The best part?

All the dna for Ludion is stupidly easy to get, creating likely the strongest creature in existance and would be tyrant, no questions asked

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DC rat gets nerf to swap in definite strike 1x loses 100% stun.

Dracocerapach- DC+Pachy
Swap in definite strike 1x
Greater stunning impact 1.5x
Rampage definite (head charge as seen in jp2) 2x
Decelerating 1x

Does this sound underwhelming or overwhelming??

Honestly I’d like if all swap in damage dealt was gone and instead we keep things like swap in stun, dodge, and ferocity…

There is a possibility but until now:

  1. Only two UNIQUE appear for each version
  2. Usually at least one of them has a hybrid component created in the same version.
  3. There is a long “waiting list” of hybrids waiting for their unique: dracoratops, procerathomimus, alankylosauro, majundasuchus, diplotator, skoolasaurus, edmontoguanodos, dymodactylus …

Seems a little underwhelming maybe a speed of 123

That is actually pretty funny … :smiley: but do not shout too much please … it may see the light of the JWA world very soon …

I just want another Pachy hybrid xD if they want to keep the weird cenzoic hybrid. You know a few dinos have optional hybrids. Rex is used many times. I think that it would be cool if Pachy gets a 2nd option for any players not a fan of cenzoic, or a fan of Pachy jp2. I’ll take anything at this point even a RAT hybrid lmao.

Yes Dimodactylus needs a hybrid too.

Yeah i agree i really want a pachy and raptor hybrid, you should check out the joke thread for dinos.

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Oh Pachy+ one of the raptors. I could get on with that! Good thought.

Where is that thread xd

Its called Dinosaur joke thread it should be the first one

In the latest few patches, new hybrids are created from dinos which have no existing hybrids. So it is less likely that Pachy gets a second hybrid.

Hopefully it goes the way of monomimus

Crazy good

Moderate nerf, but still good<- Where DC is now

Gets a hybrid, stats are obliterated

Everyone forgets about it because both it and it’s unique hybrid are terrible

We can hope this pattern will repeat itself in this case, because dracorat was a truly awful idea and must be burned forever

I bet it will! I also believe we might get it in the next update.

If it gets a Unique, then its cheap SIR will pass to the Unique and may be promoted to SIDSR again. This Rattegy may disappear for a while, but will reappear again when people get the Unique. SI-attack moves are unfair and should be removed. DC and its Unique (if any) should be reworked.

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Wouldn’t surprise me.

Ludia: We’re nerfing Dracoceratops, as so many people have asked! :slight_smile:
Players: WOOT! THAN-
Ludia: And now for our unique reveal - Dracocerarex! It’s basically Dracoceratops but with the old swap in move plus DSS, DSR (inherited from T-Rex), AS and Regenerate as a moveset. Enjoy ^o^ <3