Will everyone be guaranteed the Smilodon Emote tomorrow?

After sending out a message to support asking if the Smilodon Emote from the winter treasure chase could be put into my account, I was given an email back. Yes it was kind to give me the coins and speed boosts and I do respect it. However I did specifically ask for only the Smilodon emote, I didn’t ask for anything else. So I know the winter treasure chases will supposedly come back to the map tomorrow according to the weekly guide, but will it be 100% chance I can unlock the emote? For people collecting all emotes this is a very bad move when it comes to terms of money, because if you can’t get this emote ever again, you can’t complete your collection and therefore you will have no reason to purchase anymore again. So as a player collecting all the emotes. Can I please have confirmation that you will be guaranteeing them in the chases? Because I understand that you don’t want to hand them out for free in my mailbox and you want me to go exploring instead. I just need to know, will it be guaranteed this time? I enjoy exploring, but I don’t want Winter and the chases to end with me not having the emote and support not being able to provide the emote in my mailbox. Thank you :smiley:

This is the emote I’m talking about if you need any clarification:

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oh, and everyone else who missed that emote gets it too right? just clarifieng


Yeah yeah, I mean like they will make the chances to unlock the emote 100%. That wouldn’t just be for me, it’s not like I get exclusive raids that you don’t lol.

Definitely do not open from a distance…open while.standing on the box. I.dont know if that helps increase the drop rate…but I think so.

You can still get that emote?

Whelp i didn’t get it. I got the same message you did last week.

I got it 4 times now or something… It’s not in the chests you just opened?

That’s what I was thinking

Nope not in my treasure chests.

I think the strike towers that gave people the emote are gone