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Will Gemini become more relevant when (Nitro) Mortems begin roaming the arena?

As we know by know, Mortem is a Maxima counter… but loses to Gemini, and the only reason not many people use Gemini now is because its job is the exact same as Maxima’s, only slightly worse. But once Nitro Mortems appear, do you think we’ll begin seeing Gemini as backup? Or do you think people will rely on their speedsters? Would love to see some thoughts.

Mortem loses to gemini. But that doesn’t mean much. Tenonto is better and beats it. Even marsupial lion beats it. gemini is mediocre. But there are better creatures


The Mortems won’t be very high level, so still not much of a threat anyway.

Eventually, they will reach a higher level. You only need 1000 mortem dna, which sounds like a lot, but it will eventually be reached

Gemini is still relevant, it’s in no way “mediocre.”

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With DSA having a 1 turn delay and its rampage having a 2 turn cooldown, and with mediocre options on turn 3. It’s really mediocre. Lower damage output and not as much bulk as better creatures like dio and maxima or less damage output compared to tenonto and tryko


26 isn’t exactly low and it’ll be boosted to the stars

Mortem loses to Gemini only at even levels unboosted. In arena i’m pretty sure it will be faster everytime. So i don’t think so. It could become more relevant likely with a Maxima nerf.
But i still use it, and still quite strong in arena.
Btw can’t wait to see some Mortem to shake up things in arena cause i’m getting tired of this Maxima-Tryko dominance. And because at least we get some job for our speedster eheh

As someone who still runs gemini even after the nerf I can safely say that even though its turn 3 option isn’t the best that doesn’t make it mediocre at all, as long as it can slow and still keep that speed advantage it can better set up something else on your team.

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Gemini still performs exceptional at least in my experience

It has 2000 damage and cleansing impact and a 40% crit, so speedsters will still struggle. Chompers seem to be better suited. Creatures like mags and tenontorex take it down. Even thor has a decent shot at it (40%).

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I usually rinse every gemini I face. Not enough damage output

Everything will struggle and have hard times against Mortem in boosted arena. But i think i’ll prefer to bring in a well boosted Erlikospyx than a Magna that could lose T1 by cleansing impact or a Tenrex that will be always slower (looking at boost archetype that we see in the meta now). Thor could do it with IC btw if not Nitro boosted and has enough hp to survive a crit impact T1

An unboosted 21 magna can kill an unboosted 26 mortem if no crit. Same level magna will always win.

How about rinex? I feel like it could also beat mortem

Same story, unboosted yes. In boosted arena it will depends on if cleansing impact is avaliable or not during the matchup and boost distribution.
Maybe i’m overthinking considering lv 30 mortems, which i think we won’t see them for at least 1 year, so for the first times it will be easier.
But a 30 mortem with at least 3k damage can cleansing impact for 5625 with crit, and looking leaderboard teams i don’t see magnas or rinexes with that hp pool…

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A 21 magna does 1700 damage T1 and 2270 damage T2. Mortem has 4500 HP, so it’ll be left with 600ish HP. If magna crits on rampage it’ll win, so it’s win rate is about 12% in this scenario.

At equal levels, yes magna will win 60% of the time.

Oh my mistake… But 600 HP can be revenge killed by anything.

Unboosted, yes definitely. But I suspect the most common boost structure for mortem will be at least 10 speed boosts (maybe more, wouldn’t be surprised to see 148 speed mortems) to take advantage of its decel immunity.

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Rhinex can. It has the output. Mortem can’t crit

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