Will going down arenas give you different DNA in incubators?

Just wondering if the DNA you get is based on the highest arena unlocked or whichever arena you are in at the time the incubator is awarded. Thanks!

Incubators give you the Dna of the current arena you are and down.

That is a myth. I haven’t seen an Ankylsaurus in my incubators since I hit Arcadia.

@cucubelu I’m in Sorna Marshes and I’ve gotten Ankylosaurus from an incubator. Not often, maybe a few times and normally single digits. I mostly get Amargasaurus or Proceratosaurus from that particular arena.

Been getting 100% Stygimoloch. Now I am getting about 50% Stygi and 50%Alanqa. So there is a disconnect somewhere…

That’s because Stygi is exclusive to the arena as is Alanqa. You can’t get those dinos in the wild. Also the DNA for them is a guaranteed bonus on top of the usual epic DNA the incubator gives you.

What other epic DNA? None of that here. Occasionally a blue one drops 10-15 random DNA. I don’t get anything from the 8 hours except exclusive.

@cucubelu I’ve borrowed this image off of another thread as an example of what you should be getting in your 8hr incubators. There is always a guaranteed amount of Stygi (and then Alanqa after Lockwood) on top of the regular epic DNA

On occasion you get Stygi as both the guaranteed exclusive and the epic so you get twice the amount. It’s happened to me a few times.

50/50 Alanqa/Stygi.

That is always what I get…