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Will Gorgosuchus Be Unlocked This Tournament?


Top prize this tournament is the amphib hybrid Gorgosuchus (which I don’t own at the moment).
My guess is, if you finish in dominator, you’ll receive one via the pack, but won’t unlock it for purchase.


No, you will unlock it😀

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If true, that’ll be awfully unfair to those players who worked so hard leveling up the dinos to get to this hybrid. Doesn’t impact me, but if one can simply unlock a hybrid by winning a tourney, I’d back off on any efforts to build any hybrids now.


it is not an injustice, it is a great opportunity as it happens only once a year that a hybrid can be unlocked via tournament. For those who have already unlocked it like me, it’s convenient to save 42,000 dna.


Im feeling the pressure. Im panicking. Im NEVER going to get gorgosuchus otherwise. Im about to throw a hissy fit.

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Same, as I don’t have any tournament dinos ready to be evolved into their hybrids. My closest is 1 Metriacanthosaurus away from Metraphidon, and I’ve been needing 1 more for like 2 months now.

So I can understand the frustration, but this might be my only chance at a tourney-hybrid, at least until I can get 1 more Metriacanthosaurus from the lottery/lottery prize wheel.

However, things are looking up for me.


I’m two or three behind you in making that Metriaphodon hybrid ptero, though I’ve been facing them often enough on some weekday battles. Real scary, coz coupled with the ptero advantage over ampnibs, I nearly lost on two or more occasions, just lucky that that metriaphodon chose not to strike my lizard. One hit is all it’ll take from this birdy to KO my strongest liz.
Our purchasing style seems similar. I now buy only during discounts, so my dna account has kept on growing. Went past 800k few days back, but bought a few hybrids, so now back in 700k range again. But these stronger hybrids will cost lots even at discount, so it’s safer to keep saving.

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Is it just me because the rules have disappeared and I can use any class of Dino, however all my opponents are only carnivores/herbivores??

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It seems that the rule is deleted. I can select all classes and opponents can be of every class as well.

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Seems like the rule deletion is now uniformly applied. Earlier, I was herbs and carnos only. Now it’s anything goes.

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