Will have prehistoric insect?

Am just wait for prehistoric insect

(this picture is just scorpion at my home)


Imagine an 8 ft long centipede (apologies for not knowing the specific name), beating a dinosaur. Just throwing that out there…


It’s Arthropleura if you wanted to know

Also many players are done with mammals imagine their reaction if Ludia reveals Arthopleura and Spiders are coming in the game


Arthropleura, Pulmonoscorpius, Meganeura, Meganeurospis, Brontoscorpio and Megarachne would be nice additions to JWA


They could make it into a zoo theme with an insect house, reptile house and ape sanctuary…that’s probably coming in 1.16

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You have scorpions near your house? O.o Must be pretty dangerous stepping outside.

No problems it friendly

I’m down for some giant bugs and the like… but please, no spiders :cold_sweat:

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I would love some arthropods in the game

In game bugs: I am a joke to you?


Do you want to see this in the game arena?

I think they will suffer a little bit.


Xd that so scared

Scorpions are not insects though :slight_smile:
I’d love Arthropleura in the game, and other things that we don’t currently see a lot in nature of this size. So scorpions and spiders would be too boring, we have those already.

Jurassic World the Game has cameroceras and some similar ammonite type species, which I hope we will get as well. But I don’t think they have any arthropods though probably due to small size.

Funniest thing I’ve seen today :rofl:

No they’ll BEE fine as they will all have cautious strike and immunity!

JWA will become Zoo Simulator soon if we keep getting non dinos


Arthropleura isn’t an insect

they’ll prob have something called outershell.

would love to have prehistoric insects and arachnids. Arthropleura and pulmonoscorpius come to mind.