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Will I lose the incubator for Badlands if I advance to the next stage but the daily battle incubator is unavailable?

The reason why I’m asking. I didn’t get the incubator for the stage I’m on because the daily battle incubator was on a cool down

no. you stil get it.

what does your team look like

it’s not much but they do alright for me :innocent: but thanks for the advice. I’ll go ahead with advancing to Badlands

dont level things past there fuse level like the kentro and anklo. you could have probably gotten anktrosaurus by now. ilearned that the hard way.

you should probably takedown that indom g2 and put in rex g 2 or something higher level.

@Austin_Jessum is correct leveling things past their fuse level is gonna hurt a lot later on. Especially anky and kentro that much is probably enough to create ankyntrosaurus whose hybrid is one of the best creatures in the game right now

yeah. learned by doing that to miragia

I only overlevel dinos I used for tourneys unless it is that important or rare. I mean anky is fine but kentro. You need kentro. Could have had tyranolopho too.

save. up. you can get tyranolophosaur. good and good for raids.