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Will I make it or should I cut my losses- Pteranodon 2 Tournament

I believe that I might be too emotional right now because I just checked and I’ve literally spent 11 hours on the game in this weekend even using probably 500 DB to bring back dinos if they’re close before I sleep in an attempt to win the tournament. I just now had 2 battles where the ai played like they knew exactly what I had at the end even though I’ve essentially learned how they usually battle in each situation. Anyways it’s made me tilted and now my stubbornness is telling me to put all the resources I have into winning even though the reality might be it’s just impossible at this point and a waste of my resources to do so.

My team is above, I’m ready for opinions.


Your team is ready for Dominator,it’s only the trophy count I am worried about. Anyways,don’t get stressed or worried, I am also going to finish in Predator/Hunter this time. Lost my Dinos you see.


@jturp15 your team can make it! Just follow @Sionsith’s prediction for the count and prepare yourself to beat that number by at least one hour before the tournament ends, and also make sure that you can stay near the game for the last hour before tournament ends so that you’ll be aware if something goes wrong.

Also, welcome to the forum!

Yes I read that and I’m sorry for you I know that you’ve been where I am currently on this forum and that you worked hard to progress your account all for that to happen.


I’m happy to see that I might be right even though it will be a photo finish, I just want to know what everyone here thinks since it’s either I put all my effort into the tourney or I get that pterasaur event legendary pack instead.


I think the suggestion is stay in pred for easier battles.

Play the game an hour before tournament ends and spend DB than to get into Dom.

That is your best chance.


Thankfully I’m not the only one experiencing this… suppose the AI has 2 goes and it can K.O my creature in 2, and I have 3 unused points (all reserves), the AI simply goes for 2 hits.

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This is exactly what frustrated me so much given my lineup I’ll understand that some of the times in dominator my team just won’t cut it but when the ai plays as good as an actual player does making no mistakes or even not “playing it safe” when theoretically I could be blocking them it’s irritating. I also suspect that the more DB you spend on CD’s the harder matchups and ai difficulty the game gives you but that is just a hypothesis.

Whenever I use a team the AI thinks is just a little too weak, the AI gives me a possibly winnable match but demonstrates what I call Psychic AI Syndrome were it demonstrates exact knowledge of my moves


If the AI can kill me in 2, I’ll block 1. No need to risk the battle just to have one extra point in reserve


The situations I’m referring to is when you don’t have enough blocks to defend yourself from being killed so you might as well reserve anyways but then in response the psychic ai also attacks with the minimum, normally though I 100% agree that you should preserve your Dino and play it safe


You should be fine as long as your able to reach 1000 cups for today. I just spent 500 db for speeding up my creatures and it was worth the effort.

I hope so and hopefully this will be the last tournament I really struggle with as I’m fairly close to having a legit roster made for dominator with 10 legendaries sitting in my market waiting to be hatched this week

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My roster is a bit similar to urs. I suggest that you do invest in a superhybrid like diplosuchus. Its very useful especially in tournaments.

Your lineup is strong enough to make it into Dominator. I’m not sure why you’re having trouble getting into Dominator but if you need to, stay in Predator (easier matchups) and sneak into Dominator at the last hour or so. My lineup is weaker than yours but much deeper and I’m having no trouble with the tournament at all. 1500ish trophies currently.

Yes I think the problem is that ferocity between between the 4 lvl 20 vips and everything else could be giving me a harder tournament then I would otherwise would but I’m not sure if that’s how it works in these too. The other thing is that I’ve realistically got like a 12 man roster which means that I get 4 battles every 7 hours which means that I can earn only earn up to around 150ish every 7 hours without spending bucks if i have a 100% win rate and I probably have like a 60-70% one

My first dominator finish! Thanks for the advice everyone it helped a lot