Will indominus Greg gen 3 be a apex or unique?

Indom gen3 is an inevitability,so the question is will it be a apex or unique, I think it will be a unique since hav ing Rexy level 25 is too much,especially since rexy is event exclusive as well as blue,

Unless they actually do a real good design that looks original and not a copypaste, I don’t want another Indom hybrid.

Rexy can be used for so many other hybrid creatures(Rexy + Alankylosaurus for example)other than a blatant recolour of Indom


It’s hard to redesigning indom because then it wownt be indom,it will be something else

Still Rexy could be used for any other hybrid/superhybrids that aren’t Indominus related

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Greg :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Almost exactly what I said. The Indo/Indom family is so large that they’re starting to become less of cool hybrid dinosaurs and rather boring copy-pastes when Ludia is too lazy to come up with anything interesting.


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no more Carno hybrids as well. Too many creatures need Carno DNA


I don’t think since theres a chance of getting indoneyms we don’t need an i rex gen 3

Indom Gen 3 Rexy + someone Raptor Unique
Indor Gen 3 Indom Gen 3 + Indor Gen 2 Apex