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Will iPhone chat scroll ever be fixed?

This is probably my biggest pet peeve with the game that the scroll function in chat hasn’t been fixed through multiple updates. If you have iPhone, you know the drill. Scroll within chat to see DNA requests from alliance members and then all of a sudden the scroll becomes non-functional requiring a restart. Needless to say I have to restart the app at least 5-6 times a day just to see alliance members DNA requests. If anybody has a workaround, please share…


I get this on my 5S. I don’t have to restart, I just click on the map, dart a Dino, (that crashes the game for me usually) but if the game is still up, the chat is fixed!

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The short answer is “no”

Well considering they STILL have not fixed the crap where Owen pops up when you have a drop or dinosaur selected, making it impossible to click off the warning, im not surprised this hasn’t been fixed.

And when you lose a battle, and then try and scroll in Alliance chat and it just keeps warping back to the bottom, making it impossible for you to see earlier messages or requests…and that bug has been in the game since the day alliances were introduced!

I get that bug without even having to battle first. I just got it a few minutes ago and had to restart the app.