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Will Joppa be given away or not

I distinctly remember when he first came out then you said he would be given to players of renown 13. I really don’t feel like slogging through a trial of might if you’re going to be giving him away soon.

For once could you be upfront and just tell us what’s going to happen ludia

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I’m pretty sure he will not be given away. I’m renown level 19 and just before I was supposed to get Joppa and Jarlaxle with my next levels they changed the level up rewards…

Looks like these two new toons are only available through buying them outright or competing in a frustrating event.

Hello @ShoelessRob I believe the plan was mentioned in the release notes for Update 14: Rallies & Reels

So does that mean people are doing a ToM to gain a character that they will be given if they are renown 13 or above?

so looks like the first day of summer was 3 days ago, you can expect Joppa to be available in two and a half months for renown.