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Will JWA run on Android 11?

My friend (@Glenn_Bodeyn) just updated his Android version to 11. Just to realise he can no more install JWA from Playstore. While all the other apps are installing without a hassle. JWA isn’t downloading well and here’s a reference picture (Plz Don’t mind it’s in Dutch):-

@Ned are there any possible things to do to fix it or you have to roll out an update to support Android 11?

I can provide any other Info if you ask for :roll_eyes:

@Ned I could play untill this morning, after my samsung s20plus needed a update, so i did, the game was gonz , and so i tryed installing it again but without Lucky.All other apps just work fine, i noticed im on Android 11 while i was on 10 yesterday…

Hey Glenn_Bodeyn, could you please email our team here at Our team would be more than happy to take a closer look at this.

If you have your support key as well, please make sure to include it in the email.


Will it support actually? Just out of curiosity, plz don’t mind :sweat_smile:.

@Ned to be honest how can i see my details like supportkey and # as im not able to install and so on see nothing at all

Hey Hemanth_Vemulapalli, you should still be able to download the game on Android 11, so our team will have to take a closer look at this.


I believe for android devices, the Support Key can only be seen in the game. :sweat:

I would still recommend that you reach out to our support team, our team would be happy to try and provide some further troubleshooting for you, regardless. :slight_smile:

@Ned excactly :sweat_smile: i just did what u asked , lets see how long it takes to get back in the game :crossed_fingers:

As an help I would suggest to download JW alive from websites like apk pure @Glenn_Bodeyn

The latest android update has deleted my JWA app and it isn’t letting me redownload it, I’m on an S20 Ultra - anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it?

Yes @Glenn_Bodeyn uses the same device.

Any update on this? Missing some essential stuff here

My Samsung S20 FE just updated to Android 11 - why is JWA not supporting a higher OS for Android? It won’t let me install the app on my device.

I have also a sgs20fe running on android 11…no issues here all is fine

Samsung Note20 5G running Android 11 and no problems

Is this.fixed? Just got this problem also’ android 11 xiaomi

My phone has android 11 and is running fine .