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Will Ludia follow the Tenonto Model and invent a Darwin-unique counter?


In update 1.5, 3 big biters, thor, tryko, tenonto were among the hottest topics. While tryko has armor, instant distraction and invincibility, its enemies-- thor is faster and has instant charge, tenonto has SS and distraction impact, are just good to counter it.

Thor is from precious Sino dnas, Tryko is from 3 epics, while tenonto is from commons and rares.

Back to the latest announcement of Darwin hybrids. Seems these two new hybrids are very powerful–one with tank, one with immunity. Both hybrids need epic Darwin dnas, which are hard to obtain. For supermen (not calling them cheaters here) who can easily get tons of Darwin dna inventory, common players have no chance to compete. So I think Ludia should produce their counter for common players.

According to other hints from JWA announcements, Proceratosaurus, Ornithomimus, and Dimodactylus may form another alliance to counter the Darwin-made monsters, which kill tanks easily with bleeding action, and terminate other fast dinos with distraction strike and swoop. P-O-D (POD) is fast, immuned, wound making, and has similar moveset of Monomimus. I think the design of POD’s moveset will just match Darwin-uniques and in some ways just counter them but has weakness confronting other dinos.

If I am right, the game will be more balanced as I noticed tens of accounts could evolve their uniques for more than 5 levels in a week ( i guess 50% of top 50 have similar behavior) , which is unbelievable, I didn’t say they are cheaters, but supermen, if Ludia think so. Common players will never be able to have a chance. With this POD unique, we, common/legit players may still find some fun in this game.

God bless us! We need a counter Darwin Robin Hood!!


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say only one of the Unique flyers will be prominent in the meta. Chances are that one will be objectively better and the Darwin DNA will be primarily allotted to that one.


I think the same. And I think we will have another unique. Possibly two. I’m sure ludia is not gonna show their whole hand just yet. Looking forward to 1.6 and what else is to come. Hopefully some new game play along with the multi tourney platform.


This is true, we know we haven’t seen everything yet, as scolosaurus was never really mentioned until they released the hybrids ingredients. We might also be getting as pachy and who knows what else…


I’d be thrilled with any additional uniques as long as they don’t have Darwin as an ingredient :+1: