Will ludia help the players who need help?

Ludia. Will you help anyone that needs it? I suggest to actualy help people that maybe dont have creatures above lvl 26 that would probably bring back people who quit because the dont have enough time to just grind for coin because they would be able to do what they want to do with their team and actualy have fun playing me being one of them and and i do still play jurassic world alive evryday but its just not fun to 1. Face people who hack or spend alot of money on the game while not being able to do fight them one on one and have a chance of wining agianst lvl 30 max boosted apexes and 2 i cant do anything to my team because i dont have enough time to sit here and grind coin for hours on end. Thats just my sugguestion to bring back more players to your almost dead game.

They don’t care. Those people don’t buy enough.


Is this about advantage tournaments?

Uh no just about jurasic world alive. Or the way it is now…

Also they sould care! Its their game!

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At this point, the game just wants to benefit players who actually buy stuff


And to lough at people who dont spend any money…

There are still ways to get things for free. If you don’t want to spend money just wait till the creatures are out to dart in an event

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But what about apexes? You cant dark apexes

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You work towards getting a creature or two to raid for the non hybrid apexes. There are numerous discords and social media groups around to help find rading partners when youre ready.

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I never spend money in this game and I have four that are 26,

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But what groups do you seguest?

just drop, and you will enjoy pvp.