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Will ludia remove the alliance missions?

it’s my idea, but if they tried or wanted to fix it,
they would… you know,
just done that already…

but it’s not happened yet.

I don’t think I’m 100% right,
but it can be true…

1.6 has been an unmitigated disaster.

No new content (Alliance Mission not functioning).
Barely any balance to dinos.
New dinos are not worth a the three month update/patch wait.

All around meh.


sadly you are right. I like the fact that you can reach supply drops from far away but they also took the useful dinos and put them into parks so … :S

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Remove Alliance Missions would be really bad.

I hope the spawns of Dinos will a little bit more random each weak in future

And with Supply i would give the Full reward within the 150m.
Why there must be less if you are between 51-150m away?

Do you consider the alliance missions to be actual new content?

Just a few lines of code to keep track of things as you do the exact same things you have been doing everyday anyway. Incubator is nice but nothing really “new” about these quests.

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1.6 is just such a huge let down. Especially after the hype, and the anticipation of this long awaited update.


Hello everyone, I can confirm that alliance missions have only been disabled for the time being. They will be re-enabled soon! Please refer to the main topic for all the updates on the issue:


Ludia keep saying that… Admit it the update has been a complete disaster

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Many many thanks for update

Well, they are indeed “new” cause it’s more rewards for us. Can’t complain about that. I’m happy they haven’t given up on it

But yeah, in general, the update was ridiculous… especially considering the size of the update file… Occupying so much space in my phone for so little…

I actually liked the alliance missions. I hope they come back. My little alliance actually got really far with just the nine of us and the DNA was appreciated. It was nice to see effort paying off. All it takes is one bad run of RNG to knock you down to another arena, but the missions held steady.


10 characters :sweat_smile:

That’s old now, well for the majority of active users here. Is there any signs of us getting an update on anything? The lack of update on what is happening with alliance missions is poor.

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But if we didn’t start them today, then we are either going to be running from Tuesday to Monday night, or from Wednesdays to Tuesdsy night…etc.

Or we will have another full week of downtime as we wait for next Monday to start a proper weekly rotation again…

Even if the devs dont work weekends, (which they should be with so many bugs and issues) this would still leave 5 days of debugging for what appeared to be a quest stop timer.

Was the code that bad, that the quest stop timer going off a day early was not able to be fixed in the last 9 - 10 days?

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OMG, alliance missions are still broken? I uninstalled and just popped on the boards tobsee what’s up. I don’t regret a thing! Bwahahahahaha Ludia can’t do anything right.

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“Soon” as in Christmas?

And will they have fixed the other bugs or will we have time live with tjosr for a few more updates?

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Don’t worry they will take as long as they want as at the end of the day it doesn’t benefit them to fix the issue in any way…

Unlike the time when we had unlimited coins by mistake from the supply drops… Oh yes they fixed that so quick.

Or the time the Chinese New year treasure boxes gave u the wrong amount of coins when u didn’t have to go near them… Oh yes that was fixed quick as well.

Don’t hold your breath… :blush:

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