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Will matchmaking take boost into account?


So if you are level 20 , and in the aviary with average level 24 dinos and they aren’t boosted , will you be matched with someone else with level 24 dinos that are maxed out ?
I can see that there will be some players racing up the leaderboard when the new update arrives as they can spend money boosting their team . Those who don’t spend will free fall down if they are matched with those who have boosted .
I really don’t like this idea one bit to be honest .


I dont know…


If I understand it correctly it will be included in the matchmaking

Now that you can modify your creature’s strength, it becomes imperative that we consider each player’s creature team when attempting to match users together.


The ones that might really be hurt by this are those that have that one level 30 common or rare while the majority of their team is at 22…

Those people with level 21/22 uniques from st pattys day and the rest of their team is 15s are potentially gonna have some hard times ahead.


What worries me more is that an opponent with the same level dinos that are maxed out will slaughter unboosted dinos . They will be faster by up to 100 , stronger by 50% and their health will be 50% higher too . So although you will face dinos of the same level as yours , the boosted Dino will be the equivalent of a Dino some ten or more levels higher .


Good things that’s not how anyone thinks this is going to work.


Considering they specifically mention boosting your dinos up evenly as a team its pretty safe to say their algorithm will take boosted levels into account.


I hope that’s the case when it happens , but just because they recommend an even boost across your team , it doesn’t follow that this will be allowed for in matchmaking . We will see .


There most likely no gurantees… i wrote in another thread it is going to find you the best possible match… if the best possible match it can give you is someone who a higher boosted team or higher level dinos… its still technically the best possible match. In the other thread the person was thinking if they never boosted a dino theyd see alot of bots.

This isnt a 100% gurantee your never going to get a bad match up. This will hopefully limit them so you dont get 5 in row.


I think from that they wrote this can happen (although it will happen less) but in terms of certain other factors like boosts I bet it’s like you’re fighting with house money when it’s an extreme case. Besides that, folks would have to be nuts to rank down low so just consider that whole thing gone once this becomes active and sinks in


My impression is that someone with say an avg level 20 unboosted might face someone say 17 or 18 with a couple boosts or maybe even, theoretically, level 10 or so max boosted.


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“Now that you can modify your creatures strength (via stat boosts) , it becomes imperative that we consider each player’s creature team when attempting to match users together. We now consider BOTH the players trophies, AND the players’ Strike Team in order to generate a “matchmaking score.” This score lets us match similar players together with more fairness. The amount of trophies gained/lost after a match is also affected by this score.”

They literally say in the patch notes the main reason for this new matchmaking system is the boosts… not to mention with matchmaking affecting trophies you should loose trophies loosing to a boosted team if the event of a bad matchup.

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