Will more Amphibians come?

I reactivated my account for the first time in a few years and currently L84.

Some of these pack missions have insanse dinosaur opponents!

There are so many monster carnivores but I think the variety lacks compared to amphibians or even maybe herbivores.

Any chance we might get some new monster amphibians for the future?


wait for march madness


They are supposed to be coming in March?


no, but march always brings new creatures and then a few months later a new hybrid with the new creature is revealed


Oh, I see.

Do you know if there is a jwtg discord server or a place where cashlinks are provided?

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not really

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To answer your question on the amphibian hybrids, Keith has once stated that the developers have things in the works; there are no promises that the amphibian hybrid will ever come.


Hmm I guess we just wait for it then. Would certainly help with all those crazy carnivores haha.

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Probably yes. But we need to get more non hybrid amphibians first. A good candidate is purrusaurus as another jwa import


I always thought it was jwtg importing Dino’s to jwa but seems it’s reversing now

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Ludia will occasionally put out cash links and so will the Discord servers.

Do you know what servers they are I can join?

I usually get the ones from Ludia by Twitter

Sometimes gaming beaver shares them too. I wonder if there is more?

Uh, no.

We’ve already gotten a decent roster of tourney amphibs. It’s time we need actual hybrids. Gorgo aside, we have no Common Amphib Hybrids and no Super Rare Amphib Hybrids.

All we have are 1 Tourney Hybrid, 2 Base Legendary Hybrids, 2 Rare Hybrids, and 1 Rare Super Hybrid.

That pales in comparison with every other class. The second smallest jurassic class is the Pterosaurs. For those we have 2 Common Hybrids, 1 Rare Hybrid, 1 Super Rare Hybrid, 1 Legendary Hybrid, 3 Tourney Hybrids and now 2 Super Hybrids with the addition of Pelecachtylus.

It’s time the focus gets put on Hybrid Amphibs of all rarities, the main driving point of why we need a Tourney Hybrid one is for us late game players, where the 9th Carnivore Tourney Hybrid is still leagues better than the severely UP Gorgosuchus.


ludia hates amphibians lol


Yep but like iguanosuchus has shown they can also end up getting a non amphibian hybrid but we have 5 amphibians left so chances are big we get one or two out of them . We also would need new common and super rare amphibians in order to get common and super rare hybrids unless we get those in the form of s hybrids

I’ll just hope we get a hybrid for deinosuchus or achantostega and hopefully an ostaposaurus or koola s hybrid

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hey xenomorph, you must know that it is very rare when ludia releases an overpowered amphibian, the last time grypo had a hybrid and it is a herbivore. with luck, in March, there would be a new amphibian hybrid

At least let’s hope for that

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Well I’ve been away from the game for a few years so didn’t know the format but yeah I hope we do get one!

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Yeap this is really annoying, I mean what is this much of an obsession on the carnis and the neglection on the amphi side?

Create a balanced up game then let the players pick a side, if they want it to do so right? Personally, I still wouldn’t. I want every single high end creature to be worth something other than the collective purposes. I don’t want to be destroyed by the carnis while almost everytime trying to use a beautiful herbivore or knowing the poor Gorgo will be my last resort if I make a ferocity jump, after a certain point.

Before, I used to avoid having too many carnis and try balancing my line up with others. But lately I’ve realized that the game’s overall approach is nothing but to glorify the carnivores at all. I use them in my tourney runs and that’s all. No losses no nothing. But the first moment I try to use others as mains…

Annihilation would be a proper word I think.

Carnivores are like the spoiled child of the game. The others and especially the amphibians… Well they are better when they are closer to the ground I think.