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Will my game plan be viable at the higher arenas?

Dear all, I’ve been playing this game for the past three months and this is my team so far. I’ve just reached the Aviary and now face rather strong opposing teams, often with creatures 3 to 4 levels above my team average.

I’m thinking of making a few changes to my team and then spend all my resources on leveling up that team to keep pace in the arenas.

The creatures that I will keep are:

  1. Indom Gen 2
  2. Indo Gen 2
  3. Phorusaura
  4. Monostegotops

The ones that I intend to replace are:

  1. Monomimus (with Proceratomimus) - Monomimus is very good but his attack is often not strong enough to finish off the opponent.
  2. Ardontosaurus (with Ardentismaxima) - Ardonto is actually a critical part of my current team, but once I get Ardentis, he will have to make way for obvious reasons.
  3. Indom Gen 1 (with Geminititan) - I’m actively working in the Sanctuaries and alliance donation to get Gemini. Indom Gen 1 has been in my team for quite a while but his lack of skill variety makes him very predictable for opponents.
  4. Spinotasuchus (with Entelomoth) - I’ve started fusing for Entelomoth and feel that his skill set will be very useful. Mutual Fury followed by Defense Shattering Rampage will terrorise many armoured and shield creatures and his On Escape Heal will leave many opponents in a dilemma.

As for boost, I will utilise them mostly on Indom 2, Indo 2, Entelomoth and Proceratomimus as these are my lower level creatures in the team and I find they are the hardest to level up.

Do feel free to share any opinions you may have regarding my team.

Btw, just some encouragement to those who frequently get beat by overpowered teams in the arenas. It’s okay to lose but do try to learn from your mistakes and do better next time. If you think hard enough about each move, you can really surprise even teams that are several levels above you.

Best Regards
Tze Hong

It’s tough for me to say where you will plateau at due to being unfamiliar with the 4500 meta. But if it’s working, keep going till you hit your wall than reevaluate. But no. It’s currently not League 1 capable I don’t think. (But I’m not really on top of that meta either)

He’s gonna plateau about 4600

Imo that’s a solid plan, though i would consider having one counter attacker like grypo, tryko or Dio, it’s often helpfull in my team
And be cautious of leveling Entelomoth past 20 as it’s likely to get a hybrid and/or a nerf

I would say work towards Ardentistmaxima and Geminititan. Entelomoth and Procerathamimius might both have superhybrids in 1.15 so they would be your targets.

Indom G2 and IndoR G2 would be hard to co-level but very rewarding once both are lvl 30 and boosted.

Pretty good end team. The weakest will probably be procerath in the arena, but it can be replaced by something. Geminititan is really good, but keeping it at team level is really tough. Entelomoth is the best creature in the game, but it’s in the same boat as gemini and could get a hybrid soon, so I’d refrain from moth. Maxima is the 4th best creature in the game and is a solid solid option. As for the 4 creatures you are keeping, all are really good. Indom and indo gen 2 are solid picks, phorasaura is great at picking off creatures (but it may also get a hybrid), and monostego has access to the best swap-in in the game. With the exception of procerath, this is a solid end-game team

It depends on happens next patch, your current team is alright but we need to see what it will be like in patch 1.15.

Thanks all for your valuable inputs! So far after entering the Aviary yesterday, all the teams I’ve fought are stronger than mine. Won 4 and lost 4 so far. Best victory was against another player with Indo Gen 1 (lvl 23), Indom Gen 1 (lvl 22), Procerat (lvl 19) and 4th creature not brought out. But I would have won anyway because my Indom which I managed to level to 18 had cloaked and was gearing up Armour Piercing Rampage. So unless he had a creature that could Swap in Nullify (his Procerato was already gone), or Swap in Dodge, the outcome would still be the same.

But one thing I would like to clarify is this, why is Procerato considered the weakest link in the team? In all my arena battles, unless he comes up against my Ardento, I find he’s the most troublesome to deal with.

Also, one possible reason I feel Procerato and Entelomoth are so strong and hence would not get a super hybrid is because they are quite hard to level up. Proceratosaurus and Mammoth DNA is event dependent because they can’t be found in the wild. If not for Sanctuaries and alliance donations, it would be close to impossible to level up both of them.

Best Regards
Tze Hong