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Will only active players receive awards or all members?


We are the „full“ alliance of 50 but only 20 of us seem to be active players and 15 are still with 0 (?), which mean that are not active at all.

We are now with the alliance missions, exploration rank 4 and defense rank 3, both heading to one rank higher. When the missions time end,… will only active players receive awards or all members?


I believe it is very likely any inactive player that jumps on will be able to collect the rewards as long it’s been completed, including the current Rank tasks. So with that I presume even the DNA obtained will also be rewarded to everyone in the alliance comes collection time.

P.S. One example, I didn’t get to complete some of the Rank 1/Rank 2 tasks because my alliance is so awesome but I could collect and then join them working on Rank 3/4.

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I dont underatand why leaders leave 0 trophy players in their alliance. They haven’t signed on the game since the last tournament started. Clearly they quit. Delete them and replace them. Thats just common sense to me.


And to answer ur question, if they sign on yes they will get the rewards. But they havent been on in nearly a month. Doubt theyll be playing again

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All members. Best to do with 0 trophies is showing them the exit. Those haven’t opened the game since the start of the previous tournament…