Will phourex be viable after 2.14?

Against what other people may say I think phourex will still be a viable creature. If I am being honest it did deserve the nerf. The thing has potential to bring a battle back down 2-0. If a creature has that much power than something should be done about it. I did not really use phourex for the swap in a whole lot. I mainly used it as a revenge killer with stunning obstruction. It can revenge kill, use critical or daring strike next turn. Then it can use lethal Rampage and Run. This was general how I used my phourex. I do not get why people Nate saying that phourex losing its swap in is the end of the world or its done for. It will still be one of the best uniques in the game and may now be on the level of something like Indotarus or testa

What do you guys think?


no it is non viable for 2.14 sorry I’m going to be removing it from my team


I agree. The antiswap should have been nerfed, if anything. Immune creatures should not take a hit on swap.

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I think Phorurex needed a nerf, but I don’t know if this was it.

Ideally, I would have preferred the speed resistance removed and the lockdown effect from the on escape move removed. I don’t mind the attack nerf (seriously, a lot of them have been taking down my dinos with one hit), but the swap-in move wasn’t the worst aspect, at least for me.


nope first chance i get its going in the bin

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She’ll still have her use, but just not as powerful as before. She’s now an ultimate glass cannon revenge killer


I love those dramatic answer. I just say: wait and try it out, I think it will still be plenty viable. I had my poor andrewtops ones shotted many times, it definitely had to be a little nerfed, let’see how it goes but in my opinion is still a great creature


IF they didnt nerf the already low health and the damage i might agree but now…


Actually it was a really really high health for a what it should have been (a glass cannon)


Dunno if the same could be said for Daryx cuz she got a decent buff imo that can make her put in a good amount of offence if binded (lockdown).

My immediate thoughts are this

It’s lost health
It’s lost attack
It’s lost a 40% rend damage swap in
It’s side step move gets a cool-down

So if anyone thinks it will still be as viable after that lot I have no words!

I have it maxed and fully boosted on all 3 of my accounts and I can see myself dropping it on all 3 within hours after the update.

What I find staggering is how anyone thought it should have what it was given in the first place.


Phrorurex will still be usable (Unfortunately :roll_eyes:)


I’ll still use it for strike towers.

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Immune creatures will still get hit.

and Phorurex is still fine.

of the swap in rend remains its still viable


I agree that it deserves the nerf
Not sure if it is viable or not though


Prex is still fine imo. Dunno if I should bench her for Daryx tho

With the loss of swap in, i dont think the stat nerf was needed. It will require some time to see if it’s still viable.

phorurex has been removed from my despise list. it is now a chad on escape hitter


it was viable for ludia purposes. now the new ones take place for that.
nothing new here.


It’d still work fine as a revenge killer, given that’s how I was using mine it’ll stay on my team.

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It’ll likely still be good, but not top tier which is unfortunate but I think we have to see once the update rolls out tomorrow and test it out. I’m predicting that a lot of people (specifically in top arenas) will drop it eventually if not pretty quickly. I agree with others that it did in fact need a nerf but I think this nerf was a little too much in my opinion.