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Will pterosaurs also be allowed to be used in sanctuaries in 1.9?

So since cenozoic creatures will be allowed to be used in sanctuaries will this also open the possibility of pterosaurs as well? I’d need the pterosaur DNA more than cenozoics but I was wondering if it’s not just cenozoics.


I’m wondering this myself. I hope so. Two of the creatures I have left to create need flyer DNA.

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They better.

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I hope so too. For Dsungaripterus it will be the only way I can get DNA for it.

They better add them, imma be salty if cenos are allowed but pterosaurs arent, pterosaurs > cenos


I hope pterosaurs can go into sanctuaries, I really want to get my dimodactylus to max lvl.


You are an awesome person.

I’m kind of sad that I only found one Tupa today personally.