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Will Pterovexus be part of the meta now?

Do you all think Pterovexus will be an important part of the meta now since Geminititan and Maxima have lost their immunity to DOT?

Also, if I’m not wrong, Pterovexus is the only unique with DOT now. Spinoconstrictor lost its wounding move to evasive stance.


Spino still has wounding counter though


Also Stygidaryx but Vexus is better

How can it be part spino and no wound

I think this resistance is worse cuz everything has one now. For ex, dot used to just be immune for turtles and mammoths. Some creatures should be completely immune such as indom. Indom literally is the major Dino if Jurassic world and I’m pretty sure jwa is about Jurassic world.

I hope. I once used Vexus and upgraded him to team level (I can upgrade him even more) but had to drop him because of immune meta

I’ll for sure give him a chance

Daryx kinda sucks now…

You know, I’m dropping Utahsinoraptor to put monomimus back in my team. When this boost resets, monomimus is gonna be a monster. And I haven’t got vexus yet so…

I think I prefer swap in DOT to the little shield that just seemed to delay the slaying of the dragon only slightly

I wouldn’t write Daryx off too soon…
(Despite the health nerf which is kinda annoying) I think it will benefit a lot from creatures such as Gemini and Maxima now becoming bleed-able.

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At least they are bleedable now

Yeah i don’t like that they removed that move either

Stigy is still probably the worst unique. Especially with creatures like grypo gaining cleanse while dio gets a rampage


Vexus has been a mainstay on my team for almost a year. It replaced DC as my swapper and is a practically perfect DC counter.

My favorite Vexus move is a feint with Erlidominus against Dio/Tryko:

  • Cloak to goad them into using instant invincibility the next turn.
  • Swap in bleed without Vexus getting hit.
  • Then distract impact, pinning strike, and swoop. They don’t stand a chance after pinning, especially if it’s the last takedown.
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I think Stigidaryx is incredibly underated. I’ve won tons of fights with it. It’s not as bad as some people think


IDK. It just doesn’t do anything. I feel that it’s just too situational

I think Vexus will be strong. Won’t win games my itself but will absolutely be meta relevant. Other good bleeders will be Spinoconstrictor (wounding counter is still incredibly strong), Thyla (can 2 shot all the twin towers and tryko), Suchotator, Stigydaryx, and Spinotasuchus (maybe). Thyla is borderline must-have since it deals so well with the top threats now that it has immune to decel and they aren’t immune to DoT. Overall, I’d say Vexus is absolutely worth using but it won’t blow you away.

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It wasn’t the worst unique. Monlorhino and touramoloch were much worse, and toura is now garbage outside of raids.

Oh I loved using daryx, cus it’s bulky and a good bleeder, but losing health hurts it…

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