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Will Pterovexus receive a buff in 1.9?

Birds are always going to be weaker because they’re, well, birds. But unlike most other dinos, they have more specialized movesets for certain functions in a battle. Just my 2 cents on this.

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I call BS on that. If Ludia can make powerful uniques with pterosaur DNA, then I refuse to believe they can’t give Pterovexus and Stygidaryx the buff they deserve.


Some people talk about removing lockdown strike, but this is one of the underrated moves in Vexus’s kit. I’ve prevented many a swap (in or out), especially with DC. It’s a good move to have and Vexus really shines at this (aside from Grypolyth’s immobilize, no other uniques can do this).

I don’t think lockdown rampage would be as good since it would either involve a delay or a cooldown, which a sly DC user could work to their advantage.

I simply want higher damage (null rampage?) and more health. It could be an amazing DC counter and often wins matches when I can predict the DC swap and do my own swap-in wound at the same time. Lastly, I love watching the Acute Stun attempt fail since DC users often don’t know what to do with Vexus and assume it’s not immune.

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No one said they can’t. They just won’t. The unique that uses a bird ingredient isn’t a bird. Whether the bird or made more for specialized niches or not they dont have the ability to pull them off as often as they need to. This makes them one of the least viable categories. Which is @Infinirex_Sterben as well. A creature can be as specialized as it wants to be but if it cant stay alive or do what it has to do then its useless. Most of lockwood and above you will never see any bird. Theres a reason. As i said i wish this wasn’t the case but it is. There are alot of neglected dinos some of which are even uniques. Thats how Ludia wants this game to run though. Sad really


Why use grypolyth when you can use sarco which can do the same thing but has way more damage output and survivability

I don’t have Grypolyth yet and don’t want to throw resources into Sarcorixis, though I agree he’s beefier than Grypo, to get him to team level since I worked forever to unlock the uniques I have on my team. Grypo is slower than DC, making it easier to lockdown a DC (slower than sarco) which could still cleanse and escape after immobilize assuming it survives.

I can only speak from my own experience regarding Vexus, the topic of this thread and a dino I have and use often. I was merely lamenting that lockdown moves, which are essential in a swap meta, are uncommon among unique dinos right now.

Equal lvl and boosted sarco to a draco will 1 shot it which means lockdown isnt a factor. I know what you were saying but grypolyth isn’t a good dino either which is why almost no one uses it. Sarco will also beat out Thor. Grypolyth wont.

Different opinions. Mine is no more right than your own but statistically the odds are more shifted to what im saying. I’m in agreement that the uniques that arent used often if at all need a buff.

Buff Pterovexus plz!

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I would give your comment a 1000 likes if I could :+1:

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Thats not entirely true. Alankylosaurus is decent as a tank. Just doesnt show up anytime because of a certain green theropod running through it and every other tank in existence

Thanks Zach! Appreciate it!:joy: