Will Rexy/Roberta Die In Dominion?

Recently it’s been revealed that Jurassic World: Dominion will feature an origin story for the T. rex that we’ve all come to love since the first film. (Potential Spoilers!) The opening scene will feature a mosquito sucking the blood of a deceased Tyrannosaurus that was brutally killed by a Giganotosaurus. Setting the scientific anachronisms of this scene aside, this is most likely meant to set up a future battle in the film with Rexy and the cloned Giga. However, it’s interesting that they would specifically set up an origin for Rexy, one that (according to Colin Trevorrow) will play a huge role in the story. Does this potentially mean that the Rexy will die in the movie? Keep in mind, this specific rex is over 30 years old in this timeline, and is probably past her prime. So with the news of this origin story, it’s possible that Dominion could be her final stand.

But what do you think?

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Well rexy is now 35 years old wich is the dated lifespan calculated for t rex so if she doesn’t die from the battle she could die from her age

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Frankly no, they will probably find a way to say that ingen actually change the dna and she can know live longer, because they cant kill her since dominion is confirmed not to be the end of the jurassic park saga but the end of the world saga

Fallen Kingdom touched on this actually. Because of the lifestyle, diet, and healthcare Rexy received, she would live longer than her biologically correct predecessors, but it’d be hard to say how long she could live for.

I don’t think Ludia would kill her off quite yet, as she still has sentimental value to many people. However with the focus of the JW franchise being on Blue, they might try and weed her out in Dominion.

My best guess is keep her around, then kill her in the next franchise reboot, but in a way that’s “this is dead rexy but we won’t show how she died” kind of way.


its not ludia but universal studio