Will skoona be weak?

After the version 2.11 notes have learned that skoona will be nerfed do you think he will remain tyrant or will have become not very viable personally no

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It will still probably be super viable just a bit weaker


He still be a good creature. He just can’t double vulnerability anymore

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Skoona didn’t take that big of a hit luckily for all those Skoona users. I was hesitant towards leveling her further due to the nerf speculation, but I think she still easily has a place amongst the 8

I just leveled mine from 21 to 30 a couple weeks ago in one sitting. Then I find out it’s getting a nerf :laughing::joy::rofl: I plan on still using it or trying it out. If not I’ll just swap in something else.

I still think it will be strong.
Definitely does better vs dinos with vulnerability resistance now since it has a 1X counter with a dmg buff.
The speed nerf is meh, doesn’t really need speed.
The thing that will hurt the most is the loss of the priority distraction.

I actually believe Skoona is a little STRONGER now. The counter attack now will do 1x damage, not 0.5x. Also, the counter will decel, so skoona can once again be used as a swapper. The speed buff is not so big