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Will Skoonasaurus be affected with the nerf update ludia?

Hi ludia hope your doing well, ive been working on skoonasaurus for a few months now and just wonderd will be affected with the nerf update ? if your gonna do anything with him then give him a shield breaking move instead of group decelerating rampage but keep the speed stealing kick please so he can live upto arden, hes great plus with armour and should be brilliant in raids ludia :wink:

Was there a stat change to Skoonasaurus that I’m not aware of?

Because I don’t see how the Resilient Nerf will drastically effect Skoona.

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he steals speed remember and there nerfing speed stealing dinos

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  1. We dont know how ludia will change them.
  2. Noone said they nerf speed reduction dinos. It will be a reselent move nerf/change.
  3. This could even be a indirect buff to skoona. She doesnt need her resilent strike at all.
  4. Skoona should keep its place on top of the unique ladder.

But we dont know yet. In about 2 weeks we will see.


But Skoona has resilient counter-attack. The change will allow Skoona to ideally put out more damage but at the cost of not as much speed reduction.


As long as the 3 Unique towers keep Group Decelerating Rampage in they’re kits, I won’t mind this upcoming Update! (that move is very useful in raids!)


It’s made of a cunning and 2 resilients, no absolute need to have a shield breaking move

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why doesnt it need shield breaking moves then ? went up against mono today and got slaughterd

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None of its components have shield breaking moves so it shouldn’t get shield breaking moves. It is like giving tryko a healing move even though none of its components have a healing move.