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Will some evasive creatures be changed

With the poll that ludia put out just so they can ignore it (serious like anything on that, no, nothing, ok anyway) we learned of a newish type of move evasive impact. While we don’t know the specifics it’s seems it will be similar to cautious strike-[dont panic]-and evasive strike in which you deal damage and then get your dodge chance up after you deal damage. Yet it has always been limited to strikes but now it seems like ludia is consider adding it to impacts and maybe even rampages too. Now of course this is pure speculation but it be cool to see some dinos get some Dino have there regular cloak/ evasion stance changed to evasive moves:

*Evasive moves:

  • Evasive strike(1x damages;75% dodge one turn) no cool down or delay,
  • Evasive impact (deal 1.5x damage; 75% dodge for two turns) two turn cool down, no delay
  • Evasive rampage; 2x damage; 75% dodge for two turns) two turn cool down, no delay

And here are some creatures I believe can be fit from there’s moves

Indoraptor gen 1 - a the old reliable she has gone thru many buffs, nerfs and kit changes through the year and while it it good now it seems to be very um standard. Adding a evasive impact or even evasive rampage would surely bring her back to her once tyrant stats.

Monomumis - ah poor monomumis, she has been through great highs and very bad lows and right now is just a shadow of her formal self but she could regain some glory with evasive Impact to be once more a force to be reckoned with.

Velociraptor- the OG meta MVP lost her title many patches ago and it seems she needs a revival even in the lower arenas. Giving her an evasive impact or evasive strike could help bring some relevancy to the swift theif

Pterosaurs[both small and large]- oh pterosaurs, you’ve all been either completely irrelevant to the meta to almost useless since your introduction into the game. You know you think since they can fly and some are small and fast you think they could evade :upside_down_face:. Anyway give each a evasive strike or a evasive rampage or impact would help boost there relevance in the current game.

Any that’s just my thought on how these types of of moves could be added and to whom leave you thought on the future of evasion

  • Will they change passive evasive to aggressive evasion on certain creatures
  • It was just for proRAT and no other Dino will get these types of moves

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The only thing that makes remote sense in regards to evasive attacks is Monomimus and Indoraptor. Putting it on Velociraptor does not really fit in with the Jurassic Park or World lore. As for the pterosaurs, there are some that have Instant and Long Invicibility and stacking that with an evasive attack harkens back to the dodging 100% of the attack days that people would no doubt have a problem with. Interesting concepts nevertheless.

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Ya but honestly chompers and heck even tanks and evaders just eat pterosaurs up like they were kinda bad ever since they were introduced. The opposite of the Cenozoic which are good in some cases better than some dinos. Also giving raptor a evasive strike is not that far off considering they are smart and fast (running according to Muldon around cheetah speed when they are in the open) so I think they know how to dodge attacks.

Ok I do see where you are going with this


Although to be fair blue one of the smartest raptors we seen got hit by the indom at point blank rang and she didn’t do anything to dodge or even attack it

This is true and yet she prevailed as the last raptor standing.

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Lol yup your my gir blue😂(very underrated epic)

Although I think of just monomumis and Indoraptor got moves like these it would be fine. They both need it since evasive only blocks 66% (sure that a lot of damage to block) it still is “wasting” a turn to set that up and unlike cloak it doesn’t give anything besides the dodge to compensate for getting hit like +50% attack. Yet if they had aggressive evasions they probably would be able to survive more. (Also I’m super against indo gen1 getting cautious strike I hate that move soooooo much)

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I am telling you there are ways around Cautious Strike lol. I have seriously countered it with a nullify dinosaur. It also helps to have immunity. What I am talking about is Proceratomimus. I have been countered by Mexi when I was using Indo Gen 2. Its nullifying attack as well as the immunity makes Mexi a worthwhile counter. Plus it gets picked a lot for battles. All that needs to be done is boost the speed to exceed the Indo Gen 2 as well as increase attack and health at high levels. An Indo Gen 2 that gets its speed beat makes it a glass cannon and renders it vulnerable since it does not have priority attacks. Sorry for going off topic

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Lol ya same but either way I think this is the better alternative

So giving Indo Gen 2 the Monomeme treatment is the best way?

The only drawback I can think of when it comes these “aggressive evasive moves” is that they leave the user defenceless on the first turn, against faster opponents, or anything with a priority-damage move like Thor. If you’re facing something like Erlidom, that dodging that initial Rampage is very important for a Monomimus or Indoraptor.
But perhaps making them easier to deal with in this way could be a good thing…?

On the other hand, these would be good against faster nullifying dinos like Procerath, which would be able to nullify a priority evasive move like Evasive Stance on the first turn then go for a big hit, but in case of Evasive Strike/Impact/Rampage they’d have to use a nullifying move on the second turn, or an evasive move of their own, giving Indo/Mono a chance to deal damage.

Then again, if you managed to use one of these moves to revenge-kill something else, or brought in Indo/Mono against a faster creature that has cycled through its moves already, the situation would obviously be different, and there’s plenty of situations where it would be a blessing, as well as ones where it’d be a curse.

So this change would definitely have pros and cons, but it would generally be better against slower opponents (priority moves might change things), since you do damage while gaining the same protection that Evasive Stance would have provided, except for 2 turns.


I mean sure there are pros and cons I think the pro is that like you said they will be easier to deal with but for regular null stuff like say pro rat it’s gonna be tuffer. Overall I see it an improvement also allows for more diverse game play for them and sure erlidom and spxs could be a problem but thors are there counters.

Well ya I don’t think it should be for three cause the damage plus three turns of dodge is too op. Having the max be two makes evasive stance still viable on things like indo gen2, basically alwoing each to have there own niche

Since i always love the addition of new moves in a game i would love if some of dodgers with the evasive and not cloak ability have some of these moves.But the moves aren’t a priority so if the dino using them is not faster than the opponent or the opponent has a priority damaging move this can be bad.So i am like yeah sure but will these dinos have the same survivability as before.Oh the idea of a raptor or pterosaur to have evasion imo is kinda bad.

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Lol it okay and ya I thought about it more it makes kinda no sense :joy: but it be interesting to see lol

Personally I am not in favour of more anti-dodge abilities or creatures. Dodge got unnecessarily nerfed, then when we finally get a fair version back everyone wants to have a roundabout nerf of it again. Even the strike towers are full of creatures with attacks that ignore dodge. :unamused: