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Will spinonyx happen?

the most powerful hybrids known (not counting the super hybrids …) are the tournament hybrids (yudon, erliphosaurus, segnosuchus, metriaphodon …) but since the release of spino gen2, I wonder if spinonyx is coming … because this hybrids exists in (Jurassic World alive) spinonyx is the mix of Baryonyx (legendary VIP) and spinosaur gen 2, this hybrids will be as strong or stronger than indoraptor! unfortunately I don’t think Ludia will put it on … but with luck, maybe … and you? do you think spinonyx is coming?


We must wait patiently for any new Hybrid to be announced/released. With Triceratops Gen 2 we expected Dracoceratops but we still don’t have it.

I think if Spinonyx does happen we probably do not have to fuse the VIP Baryonyx, they might make a Gen 2 creature for Tournament Level, but if they do make it fuse with the VIP it will lead to a new set of Hybrids with VIP creature components.

you mean (baryonyx gen2​:roll_eyes:) … “here is the baryonyx gen2, less powerful than the original but you can turn it into a spinonyx!” hmmm​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: … maybe Ludia will put it :grin:.

I fail to see what my post had that made you roll eyes thrice… also, it’s Ludia. Who is to say they won’t make a Gen 2 of a VIP a Tournament Level creature. If it suits them to make a Hybrid (Spinonyx in this case) they might as well make it. Like I said, we have to wait and see what they do.

I also did mention that if they start making hybrids of VIP creatures then it will be interesting to see a new line of Hybrids that way, although it seems unlikely very soon.


We could expect Dilophoboa


If, and I mean if, the Baryonyx gen 2 comes out (which wouldn’t be a bad idea) then the Spinonyx alarm light comes on!
But until that happens I think I’ll focus on hoping for Dracotoceratops, Dilophoboa and Edmontoguanodon.


Draco could have happened for a while now, another ceno hybrid would be nice, and Edmonto just got in, but it would be ok with me giving it a hybrid already. They did add my baby brother though, so maybe just maybe I might come into JWTG. It’s a long ( I mean bigger than Texas) shot, but here’s hoping. Though Spinonyx is my second favorite design, and I have made a thread actually giving out stats of the idea for Spino Gen 2, Bary Gen 2, and Spinonyx. I’ll link it real quick

Here it is.

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Can we just think about the possibility of getting Amargospinus from Chaos Effect? I mean, Amargasaurus doesn’t have any hybrid yet so it could happen.


Ehhh, I dont really care.

Spinotasuchus already exists which imo is near-identical to this JWA hybrid.

At this point it’s just semantics, and I’d rather Ludia prioritize literally every class of dinos except Carnivores getting tourney hybrids.

Ludia does what Ludia will want to do, even if it makes no sense and/or goes against what some players want. Just gotta adapt.