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Will Spinonyx Replace Spinotasuchus/Suchotator?


Is it a better option now than spinotasuchus (and suchotator) as a bleeder?

For those who cant have Erlikospyx, of course…


Suchotator still fills more of a multi role, it’s basically the discount Erlikospyx without the big damage. I don’t see it being replaced

Spinotah is somewhat obsolete now between the others though I think. It does have the perk of being able to swoop though so the mobility is a bonus over the other two

Basically if you want a bleeder, Spinotah is the fast one, Suchotator can bleed plus multi role, and Spinonyx and Erlikospyx are big damage. Just up to you and your personal team strategy


I think it’ll replace both for those who have it. You have your bleed, big damage dealer, speed up strike, and damage reduction. Same unbuffed stats as an Erlidom. I like mine…


You can’t replace Spinotasuchus with Erlikospyx as long as Bary g2 remain arena exclusive. Unless you are willing to gamble opening loads of incubators, it’s impossible to level Erlikospyx to team level as same as Magnapyritor. :joy:

However, Erlikospyx is a perfect candidate to take that spot on our team to be honest.


Actually some players already have high level Erlikospyx, 'cause they’ve been requesting and getting Bary2 DNA since February. Right @Hersh? :laughing:


If you are willing to pay thousands of dollars for it, it can be the substitute as you comment. If not, do as I do and forget about him and all the hybrids of the version for now and forever. Let’s say it’s better to think that they do not exist and not waste time with them.

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Spinonyx is not so impressive as I thought. Its attack power is too low as compare to spinota and there’s not much difference in health as well.


I think the opposite, she has deliberate distraction which reduce incoming damage to 25% for two turns so she has more survivability IMO. Also the precise rampage gonna tear down any cloak/evasive users. As a result, her kit is another one of the most versatile in the game.

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Erliko is versatile (dammage, bleeder, debuff).
Spinotasuchus is a bleeder.

Like versatile = top/tyran tier
Erliko > Spino


Of course Erliko is better, we can’t compare a Unique with a Rare dino. But Sucho is also very versatile and has more HP. I believe It can be even more useful in some situations.


The point is Erliko has more chance at surviving and dish out more damage than Spino. It’s not that versatile = top tier but it’s survivability + high damage + precise rampage that make her better.

You may think that Spino can swap out but I don’t think we will do that all the time due to her speed. The next dino (if they is not the rat) will take damage before the opponent bleed out. It only make sense to do in a few circumstance.


You right about erliko skill but i promise you, all top dino played are versatile (or very good in them works).
Magna: break armor shield, debuff Attack, clean buff and high Speed
Tryko: Control with Invincibility/distractions+ high Hp and armor = tank in bonus , break armor shield
Dilo = high dammage, debuff and high Speed
Tenon= break armor shield + debuff Attack.

Spino is good but he haven’t answer for all Dinosaures.

Thor and Erlido aren’t versatile but they are good in them job (Make hard dammage).

Without speak stat all top tier unique have +1400 dammage (indo and magna), but ~1000 nobody is much play


Magna is also a replacement for many dinos you will still see at all levels even the highest. If a dino is park locked or arena locked you will see less of them. So for many, no, no it’s not.


Probably not. Spinonyx may end suchotator’s reign in lower arenas, because it can be created at around usable level. But spinothasuchus will be king for most players in higher arenas


i was taking a look at updated jwa field guide here… i dont have spinonyx yet, deciding if i spend a lot of coins to unlock it now.

spinonyx could survive enough after does that wound? would it survive a 2nd turn?

best bleeders are supposed to be those with lethal wound (0.33x for 3 turns).

suchotator has the best health, and a 90% distraction, and a 1.5x nullify to choose after lethal. but is slow.

spinotasuchus has wound and run or 40%+ critical 1.5x. and its fast. that wound and run brings a random dino ready to get a powerful hit.

spinonyx has 3 new moves, none of them is a distraction like suchotator, and none with higher damage chance like spinotasuchus. its relatively fast.

isnt suchotator the best survivor bleeder of these 3?

what about boost suchotator speed (its weakness)? could it be the best?

ps: what about dimodactile, why people dont use it?