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Will T-Rex dissapear when you stop VIP?

I would like to buy a month vip for my kid, because he loves T-rex.

Will it dissapear when I stop being VIP?

You don’t even have to be VIP to get T-Rex. I believe you can unlock T-Rex at Battle Stage 54.

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Buying VIP won’t get you a T-Rex.

Play the battle stages. I think one of the early ones gets you 1 copy.

Later on, you’ll get the unlock to buy them with DNA.

If you do buy VIP, Tuesday/Thursday, are VIP events that contain gold packs. (I’m not sure if they are watered down for lower level parks or not.) These will eventually yield you a copy T-Rex (but not an Unlock to buy using DNA.)

The OP might be looking at a VIP package where when you sign up you get some creatures? If that is the case any creatures gifted or earned during VIP will stay with the account even after the VIP membership is canceled.


You get a free t-rex when applying for the 1 week free vip - he might be talking abt that

It says you will get t-rex if you sign up for 1 month VIP

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Yes, you will get the T-Rex for the monthly VIP or the 7-day VIP Trial.

As @Sionsith stated, the dino will be there even if your VIP has expired.

I was just giving the option of leveling up and completing the Battle Stages for a free T-Rex. Or wait for the 7-day VIP Trial offer to appear.

As Nestea says, yes you do get the T-Rex. It takes a couple of days to hatch but you get to keep it. I also got the VIP for my kid. Well worth it because then they can purchase those cool golden Prize Drops and get some early awesome legends. Just getting the 1 week free trial will enable the T-Rex, so no reason not to do it.

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I swear that was why I initially joined this game to begin with, but never received my T-Rex. I thought maybe I misread it as I had a chance to win a T-Rex and got duped. Oh well, I’m far enough in the game where I got him anyway. Please reply if you actually received him, thanks.

Just signed up for the free 7 day trial om my own account. I did not recieve the t-rex.

What to do?

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I’m guessing you can contact them and ask. Please reply if you do and what the result is. I’m curious if they will add him to your account manually (if they even can).