Will tanks ever be viable again?

I don’t know about everyone else, but personally, I feel as though tanks suffered the most thanks to boosts.

You needn’t bother with most - Ardentis and Gemini seem to be the only two worthwhile tanks. All the others just fail hard, even to dinos that should technically have the disadvantage. Then there’s the Thors which can take out anything with less than 5k HP in a single hit. Can’t do much when Thor uses IC to stun you either, so that she can get a second rampage in before you can do too much damage.

Speaking of which, their low attack means that by the time they’ve done any damage, the opponent has already made a dent in their armor anyway, even if the opponent is a glass cannon. Utarinex, Utasino, Erlidom, Yoshi, they’re all capable of taking down even the bulkiest of Stegodeus if at a similar level.

Nearly every dino has either a shattering move or a nullifying move these days, so not even that shield will last for very long.

Does anyone else feel this way?


older tanks like stegod and tragod can’t shine due to the high amount of chomping dinos and high damage immunes in the metta. Not to mention i don’t see any tanks other than monosteg with a distraction move. They mostly have slows. status effects are becoming less effective during the shift, and the majority of tanks don’t have anything to keep up. evolution has not been kind.
maybe upgrading some tanks to have a rending counter (a small one. no more than grypolyth’s but it should probably be smaller) may help. Give them a little more bite and viability in this current metta.


Those tanks where mostly finished long before boosts entered the game. There are just two many counters for tanks to be worth running. Chompers counter them, counter attackers beat them, bleeders beat them. While bleeds arent really meta atm theyd make a comback if there was more high health tanks to bleed. The sauropods are effective as they are cause of their immunity if they werenr immune we would just run a bleeder to counter them.


I still run a boosted L30 Stegod and Tragod. They’re still great Erlidom/raptor/Diloreich/DracoRAT counters, and they help against Procera too. Take one of yesterday’s battles for example. I got ratted and couldn’t kill the rat before it swapped out. My last dino was a fresh, full-health Stegod, so I swapped her in at the end at the same time the rat came back. Result: one dead rat.


Tanks will never be anything other than speedbumps at this stage. Too many chompers that ignore armour.

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Yeah Dracos are more like Cockroaches than rats lol

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I’ve been seeing more lvl 30 boosted Stegod’s recently with boosted health and damage, but against my lvl 23 Carnotarkus they stand no chance!


Carnotarkus is a future project of mine, as soon as I get my current pet project (L28 Gorgosuchus) to 30.

Yeah Governor Tarkin was one of my team members also, I loved it, the counter was great for players killing themselves on it lol.

I used to call it SpikeStrip coz it looks like those tire shredding things Police lay on the road to stop cars lol

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I use my 30 Stegodeus a lot. It’s good against pro, both indo, erlidomimus, Quetzorion. Lots just keep superiority striking them lol. Use shield on erlidomimus or thago when you know it’s strike and running.

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What if stegodeus had his armor piercing rampage back?


That, and its old ability to cleanse bleed with Superiority Strike. Those were the days! I believe that’s when people started referring to her as “SteGOD”. Since Tragodistis also had the ability to cleanse bleed with SS, “TraGOD” was born.

And now she is just SteGONE =’(

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Not from my team :wink: Anything that can counter DracoceRATops and any kind of raptor or speedster is still useful to me. I’m still in mid-Gyrosphere, at least until the upcoming trophy reset. That’s when all the whales will repeatedly kick my butt until they get back to the higher trophy levels where they belong. That’s why I never thought monthly trophy resets were a good idea, btw.



Great dino… Even without boosts takes a bite from. Almost. Every dino


I consider Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus to be good tanks. Grypolyth may fit the spot too. I’ve never seen Smilonemys in action, but people say it does well. Legendary tanks may still fight alright against other legendaries, but I don’t know. I haven’t been down that way in a while.
I am concerned for bleeders, though. I’m a big ol’ bleeder fan, and I’m seeing a lot of critters coming out that are immune to bleeders specifically. I kinda feel like bleeders have already gotten a cold shoulder from the Immunity buffs and Stygidaryx still needs to be reworked, and now bleed immunity is being handed out like free gold stars on a resume. It hurts a little. They were already suffering before specific bleed immunity started going around

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Well, i feel that the way It was before was unbalanced in favor of tanks. This meta feels a bit more balanced, but we have a bit too much immunities( and lets not forget boosts). I don’t think tanks like tragod or stegod should be top tier of tanks If you look at their ingredients and moves available, at least compared to the uniques and other better legendary tanks like Gemini, Ardentis, and Carnotarkus respectively. If you count carnivores, Tryko, Grypo, Dio and Nemys are also great tanks. Not that I’m against a buff for the old tanks, not at all, just that i don’t feel that they should be better when compared with other hybrids with better ingredients. I would very much like having new unique dinos of each dino type, and that would include new top tier, probably tyrant tanks, like stegos and ankylo types.


Exactly! And even if it has no swap-in ability it can be a very useful swap-in! As long as it’s not being swapped in to a stun or distraction attack. I’ve won a good few matches swapping it in at the last move to have the counter-attack win the game!


I have just entered 5500 thanks to her… Tryko was too vulnerable imo though it’s really lethal…

I’ll take her to level 27 to balance the team average. This guy with only boosted health can hurt quite a lot cloakers and chickens…

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Yes tanks are viable, they are a big threat to war…


This isn’t about Tanks, it’s about tanks.

Maybe a better name would suit it well.