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Will tanks ever be viable again?

Dio tryko and Grypolyth are 3 of the best tanks in the game plus maxi and gemini. Monosteg is also very good and i still see Stegods in nublar and gyrosphere so i think it’s just where ur at in the game because where I’m at u can’t run a team without a minimum of 2 tanks.

I think one way to bring lower tier tanks into relevance would be to tweak Definite moves. Instead of removing everything it could *Ignore everything. The key difference being you still get the damage no matter what, but if there’s a persistent Shield or Evasive move active it will be there afterward. This gives Definite, DS and Null moves a niche in being able to eliminate some things but not others. On top of that, a move like the new Definite Shield Advantage gets a lot more leverage since it would fill a gap that my hypothetical Definite moves are missing. As a side-effect, this gives the two newer Mammoth hybrids a distinct niche even with similar movepools and stats. Mamotherium has Definite Rampage while Entelomoth has DSR.

Tanks are viable, in fact they are running a good portion of the show. Just look at tryko,dioraja,grypo, smilonemys, the 2 towers, etc. Heck Im sure indog2 could be considered a tank with how good he is at mitigating dmg (huge effective hp with evasiv+distraction stacked).

I think the OP is rather asking “what happened to tragod/stego/nodopato”. Well they just got replaced as people leveled up and got access to more “offensive” tanks. Whats the point of keeping a tank that mitigate dmg and hit like a wet noodle versus another tank that can mitigate basically the same dmg but can dish it right back?

Old tanks are still “viable”, but just much more limited in their matchups.

Carnotarkus entering the arena…