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Will that be cool if takedown numbers go up?

Just to think about it. Battles won’t be doomed too fast by 1 or 2 crits(well maybe 4 or 5). Overly boosted star dinos no longer have the full control on every outcome. Increased takedown number means OPs are less of a winning factor if they wear out in the process of extended phase. If there’s more to mention, increasing takedown number should’ve been a bad idea in SB 1.0, since all we need is rather putting all the eggs into one basket. However in 2.0, I don’t see boosts being diluted by an enlarged team scale will do as much harm. In fact, I see that as an extension of the purpose of stat boost 2.0, that it requires more meticulous overview from players.
Would everyone like that idea?

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Here’s why I think that idea will work. Taking indo gen2 as example, it beats hella lot other matchups. A set-up indo2 is undefeated in 1on1 situation. It would be without question that indo2 will become the MVP if we ever have a 1on1 tournament. But in that epic-legendary theme, every set-up indo2 got terminated by yoshi or phora as battle moved onto the 2nd round, thusly it had been prevented from going lopsided.
Basically as takedown number go up, match outcome will get farther from being monopolised.

:thinking: that’s an interesting idea.


I always felt less damage and higher health would also help against the one-two hits that are so frustrating in battle. This type of change would bump it up to 3 to 5 hits to take a dinosaur down. Figured they wouldn’t do that because it would make battles too long for most people.

Increasing the number of takedowns is an interesting idea and would help some, but it would also extend the amount of time needed to complete a battle.


Ever since the swap in stunning strikes and the dig ins battles already take about twice the amount of time. Which, TMO, is a good thing! So done with Thor eating trough 2/3 of my team and getting a DC to finish it off. Anything just to get the satisfaction of at least fighting a battle instead of just bringing in your opponents lunch :blush::ok_hand:


More rotation involved could mean less impact OP dinos get to have in standalone situation. I see it will work because 3 consecutive patch notes brought us higher damage figures. Same old pattern of 3 hits finish off a creature.

What would the take down go up to and how many dinosaurs would be chosen for the battle team?

Would the team be increased to 12? More or less…

I also liked the thought of dinosaurs going on cooldown after a battle (one battle or 15 minutes). There would always be enough dinosaurs cooled down for a random team, but would require players to focus on more than just a Thor and Rat. Get Thor and Rat together on a battle then the next battle your getting neither. If you get one of them in a battle then the next battle you’re not getting both of them (unless you wait 15 minutes).

Just random musings. Arena was actually fun for a couple weeks after the reset.

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I always thought that the “ algorithm " for deciding base stats needed reworked. I thought of what, I thought was a cool way to do base stats. Here’s a quick run through of it.

  • Trex largest attack in game = 2000 AT, 4000 HP, 113 SPD
    All Dinosaurs would have their stats decided by this the stats of T-rex. A tank should have enough health to nearly outlast a Trex and enough damage to nearly kill the Trex, if it’s a Raptor-like dino it would have enough health to withstand half of Trex’s attacks (Velociraptor description below). Carnivorous thorapods would have armor and shield piercing abilities.

  • Apatosaurus Largest Health pool in game = 9000 HP, 1030 ATK, SPD 105
    All Dinosaurs damage ( except Trex ) should be mostly decided by this stat. All Dinosaurs should have enough attack to deal whatever damage is necessary to best imitate it’s ability to inflict damage, according the Apatosaurs health.

  • Triceratops = 5500 HP, 1350-1480 AT, 113 SPD.
    A bulky Dinosaur with feirce horns, should have a decent health pool and hit points with below average speed. Would have stunning abilities.

  • Ankylosaurus = HP 5300, ATK 1100, AMR 40%, SPD 105.
    A very bulky slow dino with strong armor and an awesome club! (Witch would either have a high Critical chance/Reworked vulnerability/minor bleed because every time you get hit with w club like that you’d get increasingly weaker)

  • Parrasauroluphus = HP 4700, ATK 1000-1270, SPD 115-125.
    is a medium Dinosaur with moderate health low attack and average speed. Most Hadrosaur/Iguanadontids have some sort of crest either for communication or warning (still communication). They would have a distracting ability, either as a move or a passive I haven’t figured out yet.

  • Velociraptor = HP 2870, ATK 1400, SPD 232.
    (should be lol) A tiny speedy creature that was supposedly intelligent and hunted in packs. Because of their size and speed they could easily evade most damage, so should have evasive abilities

Woah! That was fun! I got carried away lol, now I’m thinking of all the ways I would’ve done the dinosaurs/battle mechanics.

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When figuring team power for matchmaking, the highest level dinosaur would be the determining factor in how the rest of the team power is figured (either 1 or 2 levels below the highest level dinosaur). i.e. if you have a level 30 dinosaur, a level 29, and the rest of the team is level 22 to 24, then if the adjustment was 2 levels anything below level 28 would be figured as if it were level 28 power. That player would be battling power level 28-30 teams and wouldn’t be walking all over level 23 to 25 teams with their two high level dinosaurs. Of course if their high level dinosaurs aren’t drawn it means they will most likely not win. It forces more team balance.

I wouldn’t mind them giving this more take down idea a try as a weekend tournament thing where you have 12 dino’s and 6 of them are picked and you have to take down 5 instead of 3.

Then everyone who participated could give feedback after giving it a try.

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