Will the apex bear no. Longer viable

The apex bear is very good run because of its set-up potential,however it is being power crept by things like Tarbo and tyla,I feel like it will still be a tyrant.I propose a buff for it which will not make it too strong but better


Very well done
I agree

Maybe a dmg buff to 1400

What I gonna say?

I think bear should get some bleed or rent resistance as well, to increase her survival chance against other meta creatures, like hydra boa or allorigue

It can’t be powercrept by these two since they haven’t been buffed and have been in the game for way longer than this apex. Plus tarbosaurus is a common, it’s not like everyone is using it in the arena and it is directly impacting arctovasilas’ usage.
I was confused by the names. Idk if we should care about those two legendaries because the apex is fierce-resilient, meaning it is weak to fierce and cunning fierce wich thylaconyx and tarbognathus are.

at real the ‘‘tarbo’’ means tarbognathus and the ‘‘tyla’’ means thylaconyx…


*Tarbognathus and Thylaconyx.


Ah, tarbosaurus and thylacotator used to be called tarbo and thyla so that’s why I was confused.

I mean, they still are, 's just that no one uses them anymore and thus their names got re-purposes.

also tarbognathus and thylaconyx are both low tyrant and are one of the best legendarys at the point that they can be used in shores so yeah arctovasilas is saying goodbye to the meta

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also rexy another fierce legendary that do well in shores one more vasilas counter and a broken one…

Aye, Rexy is just horrendously overtuned.

Now watch her get knocked down a few pegs after Jam City’s made enough money off of her.


I’m surprised they are since in the tournament tarbo was somewhat easy to deal with while thyla is a bit tricky but not too hard with flocks.


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