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Will the arena dropping problem get worsenor better?

I have just been thinking how sunday’s strike event will impact this problem. I can think of 2 reactions:

  1. the problem gets less worse because some arena droppers wont try it because there is around a 50/50 change the opponent will have a lv21/22 tryko or erlidom.

  2. I see the problem gettong worse bevause some arena droppers will start instead of using lv 15-20 legendaries to outclass the opponents but will get the easy win to now use there highest uniques.

I can see both come true and dont really know what will happen. Just wondering what everything thinks. Please share it

I can see a bit of team imbalance where when a lowbie’s unique gets in the line up, they win easy and when it’s not, they get clobbered.

This will be similar to getting Draco where when you have it in your line up, you have this great chance to win more moving you up the food chain. When you don’t have Draco then get clobbered by a higher player and knocked back down to where you should be.

I can see a win, loose, win, loose to the lowbie’s who get a unique before their time.

It’s another added game imbalance.