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Will the Boss daily mission reset time adjust with daylight savings time?

My current boss daily reset is like a half hour into when I normally play every day and on reset days, this is a bit of an irritation as I have to wait to do a few things to complete missions.

Will it adjust with day light saving time or will it become 1.5 hours off of when I normally play?

At an hour and a half, it will be almost pointless for me to bother with it.

Hello Timmah,
The Boss daily reset is based on when you started it originally and is on a 24-hour timer. If you live in a country with daylight savings time, the time will change but the 24-hour timer does not shrink or grow. If you live in a country without daylight savings time it should be the same time.

Of note, although daylight saving time switches on Sunday, March 14th, 2021, the time changes will only be implemented in-game on Monday, March 15th, 2021 while the team is in the office to make sure it goes smoothly.

I hope this answers your question.


Can I sell my boss and create a new one to better pick when the timer for the daily missions is?


That’s an interesting question @Timmah, my guess is yes you can sell your boss but that it won’t reset the timer. But I am curious to hear what they say.

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Currently, as far as I am aware you cannot sell playable bosses. The boss is just moved to the asset repository. Moving the Boss to the repository does not change the timer. I asked the team and at this time it is not possible to change it for individuals. Apologies

Thanks. :frowning:

Will creating a new boss reset the daily timer again?

If so, that could give us a chance to correct poor timing.

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