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Will the Megalosaurus Return?

The enthusiasm of opening up Clash of Titans came from seeing the Megalosaurus but sadly, I couldn’t make it in time to level 60. So does anyone know how often this creature has been in CoT or if it will return? And while we’re at it, what other carnivores except that, Gorgosaurus and Troodon have been in CoT?

I am sure there will be more,I hope Metriacanthosaurus comes in some time.


In the last two years, Megalosaurus has had three unlock opportunities: one tournament and two Clash of Titans. So, if the past is any indication of the future, you should get another shot at it before too long.

As for Metriacanthosaurus, it’s in a similar situation: two tournaments and one Clash.


Metriacanthosaurus has the highest ferocity of all carnivore tournament dinosaurs (2nd overall, only after Tupuxuara). Personally an unlock for it would help a lot.