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Will the next alliance championship be the same every year?


If they dont add a new unique with an exclusive component then yes it will.

Not bad for me. This at least helps me getting dna for most of my uniques

Nah heavily doubtfull. They’re problably gonna slap some new execlusive component uniques and then kinda have a mix of reapets and new execlusive component uniques

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Yep. I mean i wouldn’t be surprised if we get three new uniqes next update there is one possible creature called dodocevia leaked that could be unique and it doesn’t say that it’s actually unique. There is also a good chance for a secoond unique since updates have creatures that aren’t datamined. Otherwise i say the new camp cretaceous E750 is gonna be a unique as well. If we actually get it’s components revealed. There is basically nothing known about it’s identity. It could even be just a early version of the indoraptor

For e750 it realy realy depends

Is it a superhybrid in the first place?

Is it a unique one in the first place?

Does it have an execlusive component in the first place?

Will it get added in the first place?

Yep. All these questions need answers

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Well the next championship is going to be tenrex (Pokkefodder confirmed that!)

I’m not complaining for tenrex championship since it is a useful unique in my team. But I genuniely hope this pattern will change as we get a new update hopefully before the end of May so we don’t get maxima for June but something new instead. I mean, they added a bunch of new epics I hope they’re really gonna make some good stuff from them