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Will the next meta REALLY change what dinos we will use? Will everyone still play the same stuff?


Next meta of 1.7 is soon here.

But will this REALLY change how we use our dinos?

Will everyone still play same ones ?
Thor, Tryko, DC and maby Urinex/Utasino…

Will any NEW dinos find the top-arena ?
What OLD dinos will have better potential in 1.7 ?

What dinos have the potential to be the best ones in coming meta?


I guess the new unique bleeder could be a very used dino


Depending how frequent the anti-evade dinosaurs become, will start to impact what I use.


I will use Diorajasaur as a flagship ( not just as last counter Dino ) and will give a try with Grypolith.


Will the shields be any good at all ?

Will anyone play Erlidome?
Or anything with Cloake ?

Definite is a shorthand used to communicate that an ability’s damage will get through . Armored? Invincible? Dodging? Cloaked? Definite doesn’t care. A definite ability removes the target’s Cloak, Dodge and Shields before applying its Armor-Piercing damage.

Precise is a shorthand used to communicate that an ability’s direct damage component will always hit the target , even if the target is under the effect of a Cloak or an Evasion ability. Note that the Cloak or Evasion remains in effect (Precise does not Nullify the effect, it just hits precisely!)

The counter-attack seems really good…?

What dino will have this?


The RARE Dracorex will be better then the Dracocera? And with extra boost?

  • Dracorex
    • Swap in Strike becomes Swap In Definite Strike . Attack reduced to 1200, health increased to 3000.



Do you think bleeders will stay or even make a comback?


I think it can still be useful :slight_smile: Spinonyx should be fast (same as Spinota) and good moveset so I think this dino will be here to stay and maybe high level players will start using it. At least I would start using it if I have enough dna to even fuse it :smiley:


If this isn’t indo’s new move I can put it in the museum…


sorry I got confused :smiley: was thinking of Erlikospyx :sleeping:


I can see Long Dodge going to the likes of Monomimus & Procerathomimus.

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You’re correct, 129. I’m not quite sure it will be that viable. Unique class tanks will be seen more often, which does put fast dinos in disadvantage.

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I wonder what the point of this thread really is…

You question if the meta is gonna change.

Then say noone is gonna be running anything with shields, cloak, or evasive.

So if noone is running stuff with cloak and evasive… which i dont believe will be the case. Then the meta would change…

So are you really asking if the meta is going to be changing or crying because you might have to bench some dinos.


I’m trying to get a sence where the wild blows. If anyone really care of the new abilities and/or how this will make an effect of dinos we really leveled up.

Have played since last summer. Have A LOT of DNA. But haven’t used that mutch of it at all :slight_smile:


Why? Even with Thor and Tryko?


No, because it only does x1 dmg.


But the 1 x damage could be better then the 2 x damage, If it’s guaranteed to hit any dino at any time? Even in the final round If anyone have cloak…?

I think of it more as a specialist…?


Not sure took me ages to build the team so will take me even longer to get dinos to even level 21


Great you said this!

Just what I wonder.

Will next meta of 1.7 inspire players to level up NEW dinos because they want New dinos or will the game FORCE players because the meta change to mutch because of nerfs and new abilities…



I don’t want to drop rinex but feel 600 is abit of a drop and take 4 stat boosts to move slightly higher then what the old rinex health was

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yeah :S and the main problem is that the dinos that can counter rinex will also get boosted so you are back to square one