Will the next update put back the resilient abilties to normal

the vulnerability attack is broken for hadros

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maybe not.

It probably won’t, but I still think it’s something they should do at some point soon. Doing that would still require rebalancing certain resilients, but that would be neccesary in pretty much any resilient rework. It would probably be more balanced overall than the version with vulnerability.


Maybe instead of reverting resilient moves, some resilients should get superiority moves back, since those are mostly similar to old resilient moves. From the 2.9 patch notes,

We also updated some Resilient creatures’ abilities to make sure they stayed true to their original use in Battle

… except that the only resilient moves being changed were Resilient Rampage to Decelerating Rampage on Doedicurus and Resilient Impact to Cleansing Decelerating Impact on Testacornibus (which is another can of worms).

Conspiracy theory, the Doedicurus moveset change was meant to make raids difficult, since it carried over to the minion.


Thats better than what we have, but in terms if efficiency, the vast majority of dinos with resilient moves were already balanced. So reverting the change, and then tweaking the few resilients that were actually too strong in 2.8, may actually be more effecient: changing just a couple dinos instead of a third of the roster, or individually giving dozens of dinos superiority attacks to give them back the ability to slow. If anything, resilient attacks could be changed universally to bypass dodge instead of removing it, and then replacing all the old superiority moves with these attacks.

I’m fine with either approach, so long as the overly strong dinos are adjusted.

My preference for a resilient-superiority split is based on my experience in the recent epic tournament. I would say there is more variety in how resilients are played after the resilient change since speed control isn’t everywhere now.

Although on further thought I agree with you about the efficiency point. Ludia isn’t great at making precise adjustments.

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There’s variety, but vulnerability just isn’t needed by most resilients. You need the distraction cleanse, and dodge removal is also helpful, but the vulnerability is mostly just overkill given how low most cunnings HP is. It’s different, but also not very notable on most dinos. I doesn’t feel like there’s as much strategy with it: when otherwise you may sacrifice damage in the short term to slow your opponent first. And when vulnerability is helpful, it seems to make the strongest dinos and strategies (like swap ins) even stronger than they already were.

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I do think the vulnerability change was not thought out in detail. Vulnerability being overkill on cunning is a point I didn’t think of.

With the current resilient moves, certain resilients’ attack stats should have been adjusted downwards, like Hadros, and fierce creatures should not have lost their vulnerability resistances.

The strategy point goes towards the stats and movesets of resilient creatures IMO. I think a tradeoff exists in the new resilient moves too: such as picking between bypassing dodge, and picking a speed control move.

This point I definitely cannot argue with. PVP is shambolic now.

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This is all that really needed to happen with the old resilient attacks too. The few dinos that were actually problematic could have had their stats nerfed, and more decel immunity could have been given throughout the fierce roster. The fact that the same adjustments still need to be made tells me that Ludia never fixed the actual problem, they just reworked how an entire class worked when they really didn’t need to.

There really were only a couple of dinos out of the over 100 resilients who were too strong with resilient attacks before. Sometimes it wasn’t even the resilient attacks fault, like Ceramagnus being too strong due to it’s swap in attack combined with a high attack stat, and a priority attack on turn 1 that also speeds it up. Magnus never needed resilient strike in order to be strong, but with the vulnerability changes it got a straight buff with none of it’s core issues actually being addressed.


Vulnerability sure is OP on some resilients, the main problem, I think, with resilient moves is the Cloak removal. I really dont like it when my pure fierce indom gets thrashed by a pure resilient stegod.

Decel was also only op on some resilients, and yet the whole class got changed…

That is definitely problem, but it only really affects interactions with the three dinos that have cloak, so I wouldn’t say it’s the main problem with the resilient attacks. Altering how cloaks function would be a better way to address this; like splitting the effect into a separate dodge and damage increase, so that resilients could remove the dodge but not the increased damage, and cunnings could counter Indom more effectively by removing the damage increase (but not the dodge).


This is why i put some resilients on bold. Last time we referred to the whole resilient class as OP, we got this change, which i am not sure most people liked. Ludia is really unpredictable.


Absolutely agreed.

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Yeah, I just feel like since they shouldn’t have done the change as they did in the first place, reverting it entirely shouldn’t be out of the question. Some resilients would still need changes, but like you said that’s currently the case anyway. This way they could make more specific targeted nerfs at least.


There are only 4 creature changes but that is a possible. I have 2 ideas for Hadros. A decelerating counter heal(decelerates and heals but does 0 damage) The other option would be a medium decelerating counter(a 0.5x attack and decelerates without removing dodge or speed decrease)