Will the Night Lights event return?

So I got two of the Night Lights, Night Light #1 and #2! I did not manage to obtain Night Light #3 though, so I was curious if the Night Lights Event will come around once again!?

Surely at some point, but it might be years before it happens.

For example, Cloudjumper had been unavailable for 3 years or so before we could search for him again a couple of weeks ago.
Same thing with the other “new” dragonriders’ mounts: Sleuther, Windshear and Skullcrusher haven’t been available outside of Odin’s Market for years through limited time search or collection events. They should get their turn soon hopefully.

The just-announced new release mentions an exploration for #1… Probably #2 and #3 will be back also over the next several months.

Yeah! Night Light #1 is out in Explorations, good thing too because that’s the only Night Light I don’t have!! I hope I’ll get him :sweat_smile: :joy: