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Will the remaining Unnamed Modular Dragons get a name eventually? Plus here are some advice to improve your game!

I have some questions to ask you. I wanted to ask DreamWorks this, but I couldn’t find any way, method, or place to message them.

  1. In How To Train Your Dragons 2 and The Hidden World, there were a lot of new dragons and we see Valka own lots of them in her Dragon Sanctuary. Unfortunately, to my dismay, most of their names weren’t stated except for the Snafflefang, Raincutter, and the Hobblegrunt. However, your park-simulator app DreamWorks Dragons: Rise Of Berk revealed most of their names. Those being the Thunderclaw, Windstriker, Shovelhelm, Snifflhunch, Threadtail, Windgnasher, and my favourite one due to looking like an amazingly-designed traditional European Dragon, the Thornridge. Only 4-6 more of these dragon species remain unnamed. I hope you can reveal their names someday very soon, please? I really can’t properly imagine myself riding these dragons if I don’t know what they are. :pleading_face::sob::pray:

Also will the unnamed dragons on Hiccup’s map or other illustrations appear in person or have their names revealed too? I mean, there is the Sliquifier which appeared on Hiccup’s map too as well as in person and there is also another dragon called the “Songwing”. Will it also appear in person in the franchise? Please?

Is it possible to give the mentioned unnamed dragons that appeared in How To Train Your Dragons 2 along with The Hidden World an apearance in DreamWorks Dragons: Titans Uprising? Please?

This is where we can get a proper along with much better view of the numerous unnamed dragons on the franchise (the 4-6 unnamed dragons are found in Unnamed dragon species from the Films

where they are labeled dragons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. There are also

4 more in the Book Of Dragons short, but only three are stated):

Here is the 4th Book Of Dragon dragon. It’s the purple one you are looking at right now at the very front. What is it?

Can you view the link?

  1. DreamWorks Dragons: Rise Of Berk has been a relaxing park-simulator app for me. However, I seen you guys do lots of things in the app that can anger players. I can agree with what they say regarding the Legendary boosts costing ruins and the Light Fury requiring the joining of the Dragon Riders. Can the Grapple Grounder in the original How auto Train Your Dragon video game appear here too without having to remove the current dragon in the process? I don’t completely feel like the dragon in DreamWorks Dragons: Rise Of Berk is completely the Grapple Grounder, even the dragons design here looks cool, that is why I don’t want it to be removed from DreamWorks Dragon: Rise Of Berk/the app. I hope you can listen to them in order to make sure your app does not wind up becoming hated, please?

There’s certainly a lot of Dragons that could be used on the game, but I would think that Ludia needs approval from Dreamworks to add in new dragon species.

I would like to see some more Dragons added, but the last one we had was DeathGripper and that took some time. Maybe you could add a poll-type-thing to see what unnamed dragon the community wants and then Ludia can go from there.

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OK. That sounds like a good idea. But the (other) question is, how do I do it/that?

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You can’t make one natively but you could make a Google form or similar, or post it on the subreddit and then link it here.

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How? I don’t know how? :confused::thinking:

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